10 Alluring Glass Table Lamps To Embellish Your Living Room

10 Alluring Glass Table Lamps To Embellish Your Living Room

The lightning plays a major role in the overall look and design of a given space and it gives the final touch that rounds out its whole appearance. That&##8217;s why, when decorating, you should pay attention to the light sources, and to play with distinctive additional lights in order to create perfectly balanced and harmonic ambiance. There are literally millions of different lights and light fixtures to embellish your space, so the choice is yours to make, according to your needs and lifestyle. If you need a discreet and warm source of light for your living room, that you might consider a nice table lamp. Table lamps are such an inspiring, useful and at the same time practical source of light, that gets lid when needed. The table lamp is also a staggering accessory that can embellish your living room and can provide it with a gorgeous, warm and inviting atmosphere. We simply adore almost every kind of table lamp, but we must admit that the glass ones are our favorites. The glass table lamp can vary from simple and airy ones, to luxurious and elegant ones that radiate with style. Just because they are so distinctive and versatile, they caught our attention, so today we present you a showcase of 10 exquisite glass table lamps to inspire you and to embellish your living room. Read on and enjoy!

Eva Colored Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: Pottery Barn
These glass lamps looks so crispy and airy, and are so dashingly amazing. The subtle bubbles and striations are a gorgeous evidence of the hand made glass base, that is available in various colors. Brilliant!

Colored Cord Transparent Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: Cosette
This table lamp by Nicolo Taliani has a transparent glass base and a color cord in it. The ravishing red cord and shade strike through the lamp, leaving a dramatic, stylish and unique statement.

Antique Mercury Glass Wine Sphere Lamp

Image Source: Mercury Glass Lamp
A real masterpiece by Regina Andrew. Perhaps our personal favorite, because we find the mercury glass amazingly gorgeous and catchy, and this table lamp design in particular- a true charmer.

Teardrop Art Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: Perfect Rooms
Such a sleek and elegant design of a table lamp with a teardrop glass base and a same colored shade in a sophisticated fuchsia color. A true accent decorative element to stun and inspire.

Luxury Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: In Style Decor
When it comes to luxury and style, we present you the ultimate design of a glass base table lamp, that radiates with grace and inevitable beauty.

Zak Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: Vk
For those of you fond on the simplicity and clarity, we present you the so clear, so airy and so zen Zak glass base table lamps, combined with soft white shades to complement your living room in the most light and pure way possible.

Personalised Atrium Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: Pottery Barn
The Atrium Table Lamp’s glass base is made to be fulfilled with whatever you fancy, and still to look amazingly gorgeous when empty. This is a fine way of having your own personalized table lamp.

Estelle Stacked Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: Pottery Barn
The distinctive glass base of the Estelle table lamp displays a unique vibrant design, and is also available in various different sizes.

Clift Glass Base Table Lamp

Image Source: Pottery Barn
We simply love this eggplant glass base of the Clift table lamp. Such a distinctive and striking design, and even more the contrasting lamp shade that provides a super-catchy and eclectic appeal and gives character to the lamp.

Tiffany Studios Wisteria Glass Table Lamp

Image Source: Tiffany Lamps
This brilliant example of a Tiffany glass table lamp takes this whole story to another level. With its handcrafted shade in various different colored glass parts it amazes and leaves nobody indifferent.