10 Amazing Accent Rugs for the Bedroom

10 Amazing Accent Rugs for the Bedroom

Naturally, the bedroom should be our soothing place where we can relax, fall asleep and wake up softly, thus, we have to do our best, to make our bedroom a spot that suits us the most and fits our needs and desires. But, not only that the bedroom should be able to give us comfort and tranquility, it should also look good, right? Every now and then we have to make some changes in our bedroom design, to refresh the space and to give it a new energy and appearance. Speaking of changes, it doesn’t mean that you have to change the furniture or paint the walls, sometimes only a small accessory or accent decorative element is enough, to change to overall appearance of the room and to make it look more vibrant, lively and dynamic. For example, placing a new interesting accent rug in the bedroom will definitely steal the attention and make a statement, and at the same time give the space a whole different appeal. To prove our point right, we have gathered several different bedroom designs refreshed with some catchy rug, so continue reading and get inspired in choosing a new look for your own bedroom. Enjoy!

Charming Accent Rug

Image Source: Turquoise-la

Take a look at how this colorful rug steals all the attention and is the main charmer in the space! The bold grey bedroom is refreshed with this both calm, and dynamic rug design. Beautiful!

Animal Print Accent Rug

Image Source: Kenapa

This gorgeous bedroom design in various different shades is perked up the most unexpected way- with a zebra print on the creamy white rug! The space screams vibrancy, style and unbelievable charm.

Dramatic Animal Fur Accent Rug

Image Source: Tu decora

Wow! This dramatic bedroom has totally left us speechless. Its bold industrial design is so striking, the only thing left needed was probably an animal fur rug, to round out the strong impression.

Round Geometric Accent Rug

Image Source: Esto es Purpura

So lively, perky and cute. This bright and lovely bedroom design with colorful accents has got an adorable round black and white rug as a focal point. So chic, funky and vivacious.

Letters Accent Rug

Image Source: Home Goods

How cool is this letter rug? With its French writing, it gives this bedroom charm and appeal, making it look special and unique.

Alluring Accent Rug

Image Source: Zunetop

The playful pattern on this bedroom rug provides the space with a dynamic and vivacious appeal. It keeps the energy flowing, while at the same time fitting perfectly well with the neutral backdrop.

Serene Lavender Accent Rug

Image Source: House and Home

Such a fresh and soft lavender rug design that radiates with serene appeal and shines in this delicate feminine bedroom. What’s even more alluring is that it matches the color of the bed cover.

Gorgeous Accent Rug

Image Source: Good House Keeping

Beautiful elegant patterned rug design that reminiscences the drop ceiling design, and matches the color of various moment in the bedroom. Really catchy and impressive.

Striking Accent Rug

Image Source: Between the Ditches

To give your dark bedroom a whole new appearance, just choose an accent rug in various vivid colors. Points plus because here, the red,white and black rug makes a great match with the chandelier design.

Animal Skin Accent Rug

Image Source: Kitchy World

Oh my! This may be our ultimate favorite bedroom design. So fresh and so cool, both modern and eclectic. striking and appealing. That animal skin rug just complements the already magnificent design of the space.