10 Awesome Colorful Kid’s Bedroom Curtain Design

10 Awesome Colorful Kid’s Bedroom Curtain Design

Bedroom curtains can make or break the interior design of your bedroom. They have a way of brightening up your bedroom or making it look gloomy and dark. The choice of curtains is important when it comes to interior design. There are curtains that are used for keeping the room warm or cool. There are curtains made of materials that are designed to illuminate the room even more or even add color. You can check out our previous post on Sheer Curtain Designs. If you take a look at your kid’s bedroom, you know that you have to design it in an interesting and fun way to make your child happy. Therefore, we are going to provide you with 10 Awesome Kid’s Bedroom Curtain Designs to give you some ideas.

Blue Cars Kid’s Bedroom Curtain

 Image source: Nuhomex

When it’s a boy’s bedroom, it definitely, has to be blue.Well, not all the time, it’s just that blue is a great and cool color for a boy’s bedroom and those curtains with cars will be your son’s absolute favorite.

Blue Girls Bedroom Curtain Design

 Image source: Okviagem

This Blue Girl’s Bedroom Curtain Design is a nice way of combining colors to achieve a cool curtain color. This curtain looks magical!

Charming Single Window Curtain Bedroom Design

 Image source: Groovexi

A pink bedroom calls for a pink curtain. This design from Groovexi outlines the gigantic window adding a more feminine touch to it.

Colorful Elephant Patterned Curtain

 Image source: Imsaid

Children are definitely amazed by the sight of animals. Elephants amaze children because of their size. These colorful curtain with elephant prints will surely make your child’s bedroom interesting and lively.

Cute White and Pink Curtain Style

 Image source: Ratebei

White and Pink are among the safest and most common colors when designing a girl’s bedroom. White and pink are associated to Barbie and candy colors that is why girls love them so much. This white and pink curtain will be something that your little girl will admire inside her bedroom.

Fascinating Pink Curtain for Girls

 Image source: Nuhomex

Intricate details in dresses and clothes never fail to make a dress tantalizing. It goes the same way for curtains. This Fascinating Pink Curtain for girls has a very nice print and is in a candy color that will make your girl’s bedroom very sweet-looking.

Great Ruffle Pink Curtain

 Image source: Tagota

This Great Ruffle Pink Curtain is also in a sweet color and has several layers of ruffles making it look beautiful, sweet and feminine.

Sheer Blue Curtain Design with Cartoon Characters

 Image source: Building Scheme

This Sheer Blue Curtain Design with Cartoon Characters makes the room look cool regardless of the temperature outside. It also has a cute sheep cartoon character design.

Small Polka Dot Pink Curtain In Bedroom

 Image source: Tagota

Make your daughter’s bedroom look chic with this Small Polka Dotted Pink Curtain from Tagota. It has a sweet pink color which will complement your girl’s girly bedroom.

White Blue Sailboat And Squinting Red Crab Toy Hiding Behind Sailboat And Anchor Pattern Cyan Curtains

 Image source: Delco Singles

Another blue curtain design is this White Blue Sailboat design from Delco Singles. The nice blue color adds a masculine yet cool touch to your boy’s bedroom.