10 Beautiful Area Rugs for the Bedroom

10 Beautiful Area Rugs for the Bedroom

The bedroom interior and its minimalist nature is really sensitive when it comes to the decorative palette, in terms of every excess decorative item can make the space cluttered and heavy. However, the area rug seems to be the perfect decorative accessory for the bedroom and it tend to beautify the bedroom in any possible way. The area rug will give texture, color and pattern to the bedroom, it will enhance its appearance and boost up the ambiance. The bedroom area rugs come in an ample of designs, sizes, patterns, styles and colors, each of the beautiful for it self. Since we cannot show you all of the designs that we think are amazing for the bedroom, we narrow the list down to 10 Beautiful area rugs that may totally stand out in your bedroom and provide the place with nice focal point. Check out the showcase below and enjoy!

Animal Print Area Rug

Image Source: Bedromwise

An area rug with an animal print is a perfect way to add a bold and exotic element in the bedroom and to spice things up. As you can see the animal printed area rug works as a great focal point in the bedroom.

Coastal Area Rug

Image Source: Bedromwise

Navy blue and white area rug with stripes is a great way to bring freshness and vibrant ambiance in the bedroom. This striped area rug additionally brings a nice texture and pattern in this light bedroom.

Contemporary Area Rug

Image Source: Design Kastle

The black and white color in combination with the geometric pattern bring a really contemporary and modern ambiance in this beautiful bedroom. This is a perfect area rug for creating a dramatic and bold statement in the bedroom.

Floral Area Bedroom Rug

Image Source: Zunetop

This beautiful area rug with pastel colors and amazing floral pattern adds a really nice and elegant ambiance in what is an formal and traditional bedroom. The area rug here brings a warm and nice note which brighten ups the entire bedroom.

Geometric Area Rug

Image Source: Bedromwise

Wow! You can notice by yourself how the bold pattern of the beige and gray area rug creates a realy great and geometric visual in this modern and contemporary bedroom.

Neutral Area Rug

Image Source: Hgtv

Can you notice that this area rug has an outlook that reminds to a wooden floor, right? Well, that was the general idea of it, to look natural and to strike through the black wood floor in this modern bedroom.

Striped Area Rug

Image Source: Zunetop

The beautiful combination of yellow, blue and white combined with bold and narrow stripes creates a really cheery and light ambiance in this overly romantic and beautiful bedroom.

Textured Area Rug

Image Source: Timtikcs

We love the contemporary and modern appearance of this textured gray area rug that totally stands out in this super contemporary and modern bedroom.

White Shag Area Rug

Image Source: Instagoos

We personally are big fans of white shag area rug, they just seem so soft and adorable, that’s why we totally love them. You can notice how this shag area rug brings a softness in this bedroom and open ups the entire place.

Colorful Area Rug

Image Source: Zunetop

Colors and flowers combined in one area rug, that is the formula for providing the bedroom with super fresh and creative appearance.