10 Charming and Fun Kitchen Wall Hooks

10 Charming and Fun Kitchen Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks in the kitchen can be very convenient in many ways. You can hang your house keys and car keys on them so that it will be easier to find them. You can also hang your aprons and potholders so they don’t just lie around and get dirty easily. Of course, the most common use of wall hooks for the kitchen is for hanging your laddles, spatulas and other tools that you use for cooking. By using wall hooks in your kitchen, you can be more organized and hygienic as well. Of course, not only are these wall hooks adored for their functionality but also because of their style. You can get your wall hooks with fruit or vegetable design or even cakes and muffins. Whatever food it is that is your favorite or any item in the kitchen that you would love to use as a design for your kitchen wall, chances are, the market has it. Check out this 10 charming fun and kitchen wall hooks that we have found in the online marketplace.

5-Hook Kitchen Wall Rack

 Image source: World Market

Design and brighten your kitchen wall this beautifully carved “kitchen” kitchen wall hook which features five equally spaced wall hooks for your convenience and functionality.

By the Cupboard Wall Hooks

 Image source: Hand Craft

If you don’t feel considering the possibility of dirtying your wall by stick some stuff on it, well you can always get hooks which are attachable to wood such as this wall hook design from Hand Craft. It is a perfect way to hang your mugs.

Cute Little Birds Kitchen Wall Hooks

 Image source: Torie Jayne

Imagine one morning where you woke up to cook breakfast and you can hear the birds chirping. The song of birds are very relaxing. This design from Torie Jayne is a delightful design for your kitchen wall hook.

Exciting Nautical Kitchen Wall Hooks

 Image source: Knaro

These hand painted crabs can both be used for your bedroom or in the kitchen. This nautical design will stand out on bare kitchen walls.

Kitchen Utensils Wall Hooks

 Image source: Home Girl

One of the trend nowadays in designing is to use old pots, pans and kitchen tools for designing. This Utensil Wall hook design are made of old and unused spoons, forks and knives that were flattened to achieve that decorative shape.

Marcello Five Hook Wall Accent

 Image source: Touch of Class

Perhaps, the name of this cook is Marcello because that is what this wall hook design is called. This wall hook design is a very fun and cool addition to your kitchen. It also features five functional wall hooks.

Retro Kitchen Wall Hook Spatula

 Image source: Dot Com Gift Shop

We told you that these kitchen wall hooks can come in different designs. It is interesting that this wall hook design is actually in a shape of a spatula.

Rustic Wood Shelf with Wall Hooks

 Image source: Kitchen Cabinets

Using decoupage technique, this small cupboard with a wall hook design was made into perfection. You can place your condiments such as Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper in that little rustic cupboard.

Wall Sign with Kitchen Hook

 Image source: Lemon Cherry

Add a shabby chic feel to your kitchen with this vintage Soft Drinks Wall Sign with Kitchen Hook. It has three wall hooks that should be enough for your keys. Not only can you place this wall hook design in your kitchen but also in your living room.

White Teapot Metal Kitchen Hooks

 Image source: Ebay

This design from Ebay is another shabby chic kind. You can buy several of these and stick it on your kitchen wall for that charming and vintage effect.