10 Colorful and Educational Kid’s Rugs

10 Colorful and Educational Kid’s Rugs

When kids are at play, we always want them to be safe and protected. We don’t want them to be just sitting on dirty floors, right? We can’t be sure just how much germs could be present on a clean and polished floor. Whether we like it or not, children love to play on the floor. Boys let their toy trucks run on the floor and girls make their Barbies do the catwalk on the floor. It is better to be safe than sorry. When kids are playing on the floor, we can always keep them protected by putting rugs or carpets on where they usually sit down to play. Carpets are best for toddlers because they tend to move around a lot and they need a big space to move in. While for infants or babies, rugs can work for them. Of course, the rugs for your kid’s play area should always be interesting because that will invite them to play more or stay on that area more often. Aside from choosing fun and interesting rugs, why not add to your child’s education by choosing colorful educational rugs. We have gathered ten educational rugs that your children will surely to enjoy. You can place them in the living room or inside their bedrooms.

World Map Educational Rug

 Image Source: Hay Needle

Let your kids be familiar with the world that he lives in with this World Map Educational Rug from Hay Needle. At a young age, it would be nice of him or her to know the different continents of the world and even the real shape of it.

Colorful Map of the United States Rug

 Image source: Irug Mart

If you happen to live in the United States and have a toddler, it would be nice to start teaching him of where he lives and the neighboring cities. If he is not ready to read yet, you can start with identifying colors using this rug. With this kind of rug, he won’t need his toys.

Under the Sea Colorful Educational Kid’s Rug

 Image source: Prek Furniture

Kids love the idea of water and fish and everything colorful in it but before he learns of the different kinds of animals, you might want him to master his alphabet first. This Under the Sea Educational Colorful Kid’s Rug will help swim in alphabet bubbles and it is up to you, mum, to help him identify the letters.

Noah Animals Colorful Rug

Image source: Nilima Home

This Noah Animals Colorful Rug will help him imagine what really happened in Noah’s ark. Help your kid identify the animals and the beginning letters of the words with this Noah Animals Colorful Rug.

Educational Faith Based Ten Commandments Rug

 Image source: Nilima Home

A polite child is a good child. Teach your little one of what is right and wrong based on the teachings of the bible. Commandment no. 2 says to let God be first in your life. Introduce him to God and to what God has said in a very interesting manner with this Educational Faith Based Ten Commandments Rug.

1234 ABC Colorful Educational Rug

 Image source: Prek Furniture

Learning the alphabet and counting number 1 to 10 is among the basic things that you should start teaching your kids. With this education rug, learning numbers, letters and even colors do not have to be boring.

Around the Block Educational Rug

 Image source: Home Sick Designs

Let your child move around and point the number or letter that you will tell him with this Around the Block Educational Rug. You can also let him find the star and the moon and point his favorite animal which would most likely be a dog.

Car Directions Educational Rug

 Image source: Nilima Home

Teach your son or daughter the basics of going around town and the places that he might go to someday such as the police, bakery, pet shop and the hospital. This Car Directions Educational Rug can teach him many things on how to go around and about the town or city.

Blue 3D Numbers Educational Rug

 Image source: Austins Carpets

Numbers are all over with this Blue 3D Numbers Educational Rug. Remind your son of what he has learned in school by inviting him to sit with you and identify the numbers that you point at.

Pre-school Words Colorful Educational Rug

 Image source: Prek Furniture

There are different kinds of basic words found in this Pre-School Words Educational Rug that you can start teaching your son or daughter before he or she hits school. There are nouns, pronouns and adjectives.