10 Completely Adorable Girls’ Bedrooms with Floral Curtains

10 Completely Adorable Girls’ Bedrooms with Floral Curtains

Decorating your precious little girl’s bedroom is a fun and interesting thing to do. If you are blessed with a daughter, than you are probably familiar with all the cute little stuff she is interested in and would love to have in her own bedroom. Feminine color palette including lots of pink, violet, white, red and some soft pastel hues in a bright and perky setting is definitely something to start with. Girly decorative elements, lots of soft and puffy materials and textures, princess- like accessories are simply a MUST HAVE in your lady’s space. Colorful and perky bed sheets, curtains and rugs can also do wonders in the space and make it look girly, vibrant and lively. Today we focus on choosing the most appealing pattern for your little girls curtains and drapes, since they really embellish the space, adding a dreamy and adorable appeal. Deciding for floral patterns and styling your girls windows is a complete guess, because they will bring instant freshness, vividness, playful and positive appeal into your girls kingdom. Check out these adorable floral curtains and drapes that we collected, and get inspired in bringing some fresh bouquet of flowers in your girl’s bedroom setting. Read on and get inspired!

Lively Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: ofdesign

The funky and vivacious spirit into this colorful girl’s bedroom is additionally livened up through the amazing playful and floral patterned curtain. The whole space radiates with super-positive appeal. We really love the cute little hammock chair and we are sure that your girl will also love one too.

Serene Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Groovexy

We absolutely love that ultra feminine violet-pink-white color combo as it works incredibly well in a girl’s room since it brings soft, girly and fresh appeal at the same time. The draped floral and girly patterned curtain on the circle top window fits just smooth in this appealing girly setting.

Soft Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Decosee

It is amazing how the perfectly calm hues and serene setting in this room are perked up by the awesome vibrant red flowers patterned curtain creating an incredible balance in the space. The flower motif on the curtain and above the so-called canopy bed bring a completely new look and positive vibrancy in this room.

Lovely Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Decoradvisor

This fresh and lovely girl’s bedroom in pink a white color palette is complemented with some awesome perky floral curtain. The adorable curtain works as a main charmer in the space, bringing vividness, energy and sparkle in this cute spot.

Gorgeous Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Immagz

How warm and cozy does this bedroom look? The soft coral peach walls work as a perfect backdrop to the lovely floral motifs on the curtains and bed sheets. The rest of the funky vibrant patterns and designs shown in the environment just fit in into this perky and playful appearance.

Stylish Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Vk

Wow! We bet that your little girl will definitely love this look. Soft lavender and white color palette, graceful, feminine furniture and decorative elements and those incredibly stylish floral patterned drapes! Girly and lovely all the way!

Bright Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Allhomedeco
This bedroom looks so bright and airy. The girly appeal of it is accentuated through the shabby chic furniture and the floral motifs in the whole space, the pillows, the pouf and of course the adorable flower curtains. So effortlessly beautiful and charming.

Pink Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Emamusia

This is how we imagine the perfect little girl’s kingdom. Lots of soft pink hues, cute and girly furniture and decorations and the inevitable floral patterns for the ultimate delightful and captivating feminine enjoyment in your precious princess’ own spot.

Vintage Girl’s Bedroom with Floral Curtain

Image Source: Bedroomdesigncatalog

We are definitely in love with the grace and serene appeal that radiates from this girl’s room. Decorated in a vintage style, every single detail is beautiful, chic and stylish, and the delicate beige floral curtain is the main contributor for the soft and lovely appearance in the spot.

Cute Baby girl’s Nursery Room with Floral Curtain

Image Source: funny-pictures

It is never too early to start decorating your little girl’s room in a cute, feminine way. Choosing super-vibrant floral patterned curtain for her nursery room would make a pretty god start of it.