10 Cool and Creative Knife Holders for the Kitchen

10 Cool and Creative Knife Holders for the Kitchen

Functional accessories and storage are crucial for keeping the kitchen neat and organized, besides the little accessory can also play a big role in adding a decorative feel and modern charm in the place. The knife holders are especially important in the kitchen because of your and your close one’s security, and besides the knife holders are really practical and useful. Naturally we all know the essential function and purpose of the knife holders, but in this article we are going to focus more of the aesthetics and decorative feel of the knife holders. Regarding to the nature of the knife holders, there are really fun and creative designs which can add a playful and fun note in your kitchen. Below, you can check out a showcase of 10 creative and useful knife holders for the kitchen. Enjoy!

Contemporary Bamboo Knife Block

Image Source: Ecobohome

This Bamboo Knife Block by Mikoto has a really sleek and contemporary appearance made of 100% Bamboo this knife block will surely stand out in the kitchen and help you to store your knifes on a superb and modern way.

Cow Knife Holder

Image Source: Toxel

Creative cow shaped knife block made of wood will surely add a fun and creative note in your kitchen and will help you to keep your knifes organized.

Head Knife Block

Image Source: The Green head

This is a bit creepy and quirky knife block, but sure is a creative one. The wooden head knife block will provide your kitchen with bold and unique feel.

In Drawer Knife Tray

Image Source: JK Adams

This knife holder is very practical and useful. The in drawer tray made of natural wood will help you to organize your drawer, to keep your knifes on place and keep a neat and tidy kitchen.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Image Source: Crooked Brains

If not anything, this magnetic knife holder is surely useful and practical. The design and surface are simple and organize but the magnetic technology makes this knife holder useful and creative.

Throwzini’s Knife Block

Image Source: Toxel

This circus inspired Throwzini’s knife block will surely provide you with a lot of fun. The knife blocks organized around a human figure make this knife block immensely creative and fun.

Voodoo Knife Holder

Image Source: Vice Versa

This Voodoo Knife Block also known as the Ex- Knife Block by Vice Versa surely has a superior and fun design and comes in a bold red color which will work as a great decorative storage in the kitchen.

Walnut Chunk Knife Holder

Image Source: Sidd

The walnut chunk knife block with creative and yet simple design have a bit of a rustic and natural appearance and may stand out in every kitchen with bold setting.

Wooden Knife Block

Image Source:  jay Fisher

The Custom made knife block by Jay Fischer with half round shape and with a lot of space is surely a hell of a functional and beautiful knife storage which can stand out on your kitchen shelf.

Kitchen Bull Knife Holder

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

This functional bull knife holder has a additional book shelf, made of natural light wood with noisy texture it can serve as a useful and beautiful element in the kitchen.