10 Creative and Decorative Fruit Holders

10 Creative and Decorative Fruit Holders

Making fruits a part of your family’s diet is a sure way to keep them healthy. There is a big difference when fruits are just on the table, ready to be eaten, than when they are kept in the freezer and sometimes go unnoticed. Here at Rilane, we love to give you tips not only about home decoration but also about lifestyle in general. Instead of keeping your fruits inside the freezer, you should be arranging them in such a way that is accessible and visible to your family members. The best way you can do this is by placing your fruits in something like a fruit bowl or a nice fruit holder which will is what we will be featuring today. Here are 10 Creative and Decorative Fruit Holders.

Brunella Fruit Holder

 Image source: Shop Espasso

This Brunella Fruit Holder design from Shop Espasso is a very witty and creative design which makes your fruits look like they’re placed inside a pouch. We like this very creative idea!

Colorful Modern Fruit Bowl

 Image source: Wing Span Crafts

This Colorful Modern Fruit Bowl is a creative handmade design from Wing Span Crafts. It features a big space for more fruit storage.

Creative Oranges Fruit Holder

 Image source: Coro Flot
his Creative Oranges Fruit Holder doesn’t provide a lot of space for your other kinds of fruits but when oranges are your thing and you are after a great presentation, then this Creative Oranges Fruit Holder from Coro Flot is for you.

Creative Utensil Fruit Holder

 Image source: karma Kiss

This Utensil Fruit Holder from Karma Kiss makes this fruit holder suited either for the dining room or in the kitchen. This creative design makes your fruits more visible.

Curvy Metallic Fruit Holder

 Image source: Amazon

This Curvy Metallic Fruit Holder is very functional because you can hang bananas and place your fruits in the order of freshness. You can be sure you can consume your fruits on time before they rot.

Elegant Sculptural Fruit Holder

Image source: Coroflot

This Elegant Sculptural Fruit Holder works the same way with the previous fruit holder which allows you to arrange your fruits according to freshness and automatically, the fruits will just move downward until you have consumed everything!

La Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Holder

 Image source: Yasi Design

This fruit holder design from Yasi Design is a creative and modern one which features black rectangles appearing as though they’re magnets.

Satellite Fruit Bowl

 Image source: Mocha

This Satellite Fruit Bowl is another creative and modern design from Mocha. This color will fit in any type of kitchen and you can place grapes or two to five apples or oranges.

White La Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Holder

 Image source: Up Interiors

Here is the same La Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Holder from Up Interiors which features a white design with a very modern style.

Beep Fruit Bowl

 Image source: Beep Objects

This Beep Fruit Holder has a nice and bright yellow color which will look great when you place other colorful and fresh fruits on it. This can also serve as a wonderful table piece.