10 Creative Kitchen Memo Boards

10 Creative Kitchen Memo Boards

Cooking entails a lot of tasks from thawing, cutting, slicing, simmering and tenderizing. It’s difficult when you miss out on an important step in the cooking process as much as lacking one ingredient. If you have been cooking for quite some time now, you, definitely, know the importance of having complete ingredients in your kitchen for a specific meal. Cooking can also be the same as working in an office. There are several tasks involved and lists could come in handy. That is why kitchen memo boards were invented so that you can note down or jot down the ingredients that you lack such as onions, garlic, pepper or even attach the recipe of the day with the use of magnets. Here are some creative kitchen memo boards that can come in handy.

Cast Iron Skillet Memo Board

 Image source: At The Picket Fence

This Cast Iron skillet is actually a creative idea if you have those small, unused pans. You don’t want to use large frying pans since they can be heavy. Pick out those unused pans made of light material and you can hang them on a nail, grab some magnets which you can buy from local stores, and voila, you have a very creative memo board.

Chicken Shape Chalkboard

 Image source: Lemon Cherry

One important ingredient in the kitchen are eggs and the chickens are responsible for them. This fun Chicken Shape Memo board is a black board where you can write down the things that you need for the day and check if they are ready for use.

Kitchen Memo Board with Hooks

 Image source: Baytree-Interiors

This Kitchen Memo Board with hooks is an awesome shabby chic design that will look good in your kitchen. You can write down memos and hang your house or car keys in there at the same time.

Magnetic Pig Memo Board

 Image source: Not on the High Street

This Magentic Pig Memo Board is rather simple but will, definitely, have a good place in your kitchen. You can write down the stuff that you need just like in a white board.

Meals Memo Board

 Image source: A Sunday Afternoon

This nice Meals Memo Board will look great in either in your kitchen or near the fridge. You can pin your recipes in there and even your family members can refer to it to give them an idea of what meals will be served for the day and your children can even help you out with the cooking.

Memo Board Tray from Cookie Sheets

 Image source: Mile High Stamping

In a very creative design is this Memo Board Tray from Cookie Sheets. If you have unused metallic trays, you can get some construction paper in great designs or extra cookie sheets, paste them on the tray and buy some magnets and you already have a wonderful memo board.

Mom’s Kitchen Memo Board

 Image source: Sturbridge Yankee

This Mom’s Kitchen Memo Board is also a creative one. It looks like a chopping board where you can write down your memos. It will be a great accessory for your kitchen.

Original Apple Magnetic Memo Board

 Image source: Not on The Highstreet

This Original Apple Memo Board is a very chic and feminine design. You can match it with the color theme of your kitchen or attach it on the wall as it is.

Wine Cork Memo Board

 Image source: Daves Beach Hut

Who would have thought that you can actually recycle wine corks? This idea from Daves Beach Hut is a very creative one. You can choose to pin or write notes and memos.

Wooden Magnetic Board with Hooks

 Image source: Stuck Up

This beautiful kitchen memo board is made of wooden material and has a strip of metal lined with silver magnets which makes it look really neat!