10 Cute Cartoon Character Area Rugs

10 Cute Cartoon Character Area Rugs

Our kid’s bedrooms should always be safe. This is a place where they spend their time studying and playing. We always want our children to be safe that is why it is important to make sure that their environment is hazard-free, interesting and colorful. Area rugs are useful especially when your children love to play on the floor. By the use of area rugs, you can prevent slipping when they are running around and it also adds decoration to your children’s bedroom. You can match the area rug with the theme of your bedroom or make it stand out. We know that kids have their own favorite characters so it is not that difficult to design their rooms or choose an area rug design. Check out these 10 Cute Cartoon Character Area Rugs.

Pink Disney Princess Area Rug

 Image source: Konga

This Pink Disney Princess Area Rug is a charming and vibrant piece that you can place in your girl’s bedroom. She will definitely love the beautiful Disney princesses of this area rug.

Cute Pink Rug Hello Kitty In Garden

 Image source: Accionaconsultores

This Cute Pink Hello Kitty Rug from Accionaconsultores is a cute soft piece that features Hello Kitty in the garden. Hello Kitty never fails to charm little girls.

Cute Rabbit Children’s Slip Resistant Rug

 Image source: Ali Express

This Cute Rabbit may be small but it is slip-resistant. You can place it just outside the bathroom or somewhere next to your kid’s bed.

Dora Hopscotch Activity Rug

 Image source: Scatter Mats

This Dora Hopscotch Area Rug is not only decorative but also fun and playful. You can be sure that your daughter will not slip while she plays hopscotch.

Mickey and Goofy Area Rug Design

 Image source: My Carpet Models

This Mickey and Goofy Area Rug design can be placed in your boy’s bedroom. You can match it with the base color of this area rug which is dark blue or you can other Mickey Mouse elements in your boy’s bedroom.

Mickey and Minnie Circular Area Rug

 Image source: Ali Express

This Mickey and Minnie Circular Area Rug can be placed on the floor next to the bed, near the door or just outside the bathroom.

Monsters Inc Blue Area Rug

 Image source: s960

This cute character from Monsters Inc is a sure charmer when he is not “on-the-job”. Your child will definitely love Mike for his blue furry features.

Spiderman Blue Kids Floor Rug

 Image source: Scatter Mats

Every boy loves Spiderman. This Spiderman Blue Kids Floor Rug will fit perfectly in your boy’s bedroom.

Tinkerbell Purple Area Rug

 Image source: Amazon

This Tinkerbell Purple Area Rug spells magic! It is an attractive and colorful piece that would look great in a light colored bedroom or in an all purple bedroom.

Winnie the Pooh Area Rug

 Image source: Metro Lifestyle

This Winnie the Pooh area rug features a very cute Pooh design that is a charming piece for your kid’s bedroom. You can use it is simply as a decoration or place it near the door for a cute welcome.