10 Extraordinary Elegant Bathroom Faucet Designs

10 Extraordinary Elegant Bathroom Faucet Designs

Faucets are among the most commonly used bathroom vanities. In everything that we do, we need to use our hands and we naturally wash them up after an activity. Having a nice sink is never enough when it comes to home decor. You need to choose the right kind of faucet to match or even enhance the look of your bathroom sink and your vanity as a whole. Because of modern technology, there are those faucet designs that stem from ordinary to out of this world. You’ll even discover a studded design type of faucet later in this article. With these bathroom faucets, you’ll be more inspired to enhance every detail of your bathroom. You’d better prepare for a revamp of your bathroom sink because you are sure to fall in love with either one of our 10 Extraordinary Bathroom Faucet Designs.

Copper Bronze Mounted Double Hand Unique Faucet Design

 Image source: Bathroom Izea

This Double Hand Faucet design from Bathroom Izea is ideal for your bathtub because you can use it with cold and hot water, obviously. This Bronze design is perfect for a classic looking bathroom!

Elegant Moen Bathroom Faucet

 Image source: Gaiff

What enhances the beauty of this design from Gaiff is the tiled backsplash. All nice elements come together to create a wonderful vanity. With the wrong choice of sink, the look of this vanity may also go wrong. This design is very modern and neat.

Extraordinary Black Waterfall Wall Mount Faucet Design

 Image source: Soairser

We admire the elegant vibe that this Black Waterfall Wall Mount Faucet Design contributes to this black bathroom. It’s shape is very unique and makes the flow of water slow and relaxing.

Fascinating Studded Golden Bathroom Faucet

 Image source: Starshouse

We are totally fascinated with this Fascinating Studded Golden Bathroom Faucet from Starshouse. This piece will surely add elegance and class to your bathroom.

Sharp Chic Bathroom Faucet Design

 Image source: Homesdir

This faucet design from Homesdir is not something you see in traditional bathrooms. Thanks to technology, designers are able to create more creative bathroom pieces such as a chic bathroom faucet in pink.

Stunning Modern Bathroom Sink Faucet Design

 Image source: Home Plus Decor

Witness the flow of water (and see if it is clean) with this Stunning Modern Bathroom Sink Faucet Design from Home Plus Decor. The sound of flowing water always calms the mind and soul.

Unique and Stunning Bathroom Vanity Faucet

 Image source: Larcade

Add a touch of magic and elegance to your bathroom with this Unique and Stunning Bathroom Vanity from Larcade. It features a blue bead and a creative small water way which changes the shape of the water.

Unique Brass Faucet Design with Waterfall Idea

 Image source: Bathroom Izea

This Unique Brass Faucet Design from Bathroom Izea is a great piece to add to your shabby chic and traditional bathroom. This color can be matched with the color of your bath tub.

Unique Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet

 Image source: Pouted

This Unique Stainless Steel Bathroom faucet is definitely something you don’t get to see everyday or anywhere, perhaps? If you take a look at this faucet design, it is actually simple to operate. The handle is the one that makes it look very creative.

Wonderful Wall Mounted Waterfall Faucet

 Image source: Mutni

This design from Mutni is almost similar to the one we’ve seen previously. This design is like a small slide allowing the water to rise up a little before it hits your hand or the tub. You may want to distance a little if you don’t want your clothes to get wet.