10 Fierce Modern Fireplace Designs

10 Fierce Modern Fireplace Designs

With the summer slowly approaching to its end, we are saying goodbye to the long, hot summer days and preparing to welcome much colder and rougher climate. When we think of cold weather, we also think of the best way possible to keep ourselves warm during the winter time, and we can all agree that there is no better way of feeling the winter warmth than by a fireplace. Many people’s favorite spot in winter is by the fireplace, clearly it is not only because it keeps us warm, but also looks incredibly gorgeous, gathers people together and creates an excellent focal point in your room design. It embellishes the space, making it comfortable, inviting and remarkably appealing. Even if you have sleek modern interior, placing a modern fireplace inside it will do wonders for the warmth and cozy ambiance in it. We are totally in love with these splendid and ultra-modern fireplace designs, and we decided to share them with you in order to get you inspired in cherishing the beauty of winter even more. So read on and enjoy!

Unique Fireplace Design

Image Source: Live Master

How exquisite is the design of this fireplace, right? The unique combination of iron and glass in half oval form attached to the wall makes quite a statement while warming up and embellishing this contemporary living room space.

Outstanding Fireplace Design

Image Source: One Kind Design

This remarkable modern fireplace design with black iron facade has left us speechless. Looks so striking and dramatic and adds a wow effect to the room. It totally works as an accent point, and gives this Asian inspired contemporary living room design a fierce touch.

Beautiful Fireplace Design

Image Source: The Archimag

This ultra-modern three-sided fireplace acts as a room divider laying between the living room and the dining space. The impeccable design of it consists of limestone slab at the base, two marble tiles under and over it, and continues up into custom made copper shroud sections. It looks so brilliant and sophisticated.

Minimalist Fireplace Design

Image Source: One Kind Design

At first, let us just accent the unique and extraordinary design of each and every single piece of furniture and decorative element in this sophisticated living room. And at the end you see the absolutely minimalist, but not less gorgeous fireplace design that fits into the stylish appeal of this space. Props to the designer of this living room!

Hanging Fireplace Design

Image Source: One Kind Design

Check out this incredibly fierce high ceiling living room. Like it doesn’t appear impressive enough by itself, the designer decided to incorporate a hanging contemporary fireplace to grab all the attention and to add to the wow effect in here. If you are bored with conventional fireplaces, choose something new and striking, such as a hanging fireplace design.

Shiny Fireplace Design

Image Source: Giesen Design

The shiny stainless steel fireplace surround fits incredibly into the whole white and grey living room setting. The fireplace is placed under the tv and works as a stunning focal point.

Charming Fireplace Design

Image Source: Design or Design

This serene eggshell white living room radiates with a significant glorious appeal. The custom made fireplace under the wall mount tv warms up the ambiance and provides comfortable and relaxing feeling in the space.

360 View Fireplace Design

Image Source: One Kind Design

This unique fireplace designs is offering a 360 degree view of the burning fire. Viewed from any angle, the curved glass and beautiful majolica cladding have been cleverly designed for this amazing, open plan living room, providing it with a modern touch and distinctive appeal.

Mint Blue Fireplace Design

Image Source: Mippy

If you are not into the conventional design and you like to keep your fireplace original, than why not add some color to it? Check out how appealing and super-striking does this mint blue fireplace look! Placed in the middle of the living room, it is definitely the main charmer and warmer in the space.

Portable Fireplace Design

Image Source: Avihu

In case you didn’t know, nowadays there is such thing as a portable fireplace. This absolutely creative invention doesn’t only look good, but it is also quite practical, since you can move it and adjust it to any place you want according to your needs. Quite impressive, right?