10 Fun Cartoon Character Kids Bedroom Wall Decoration

10 Fun Cartoon Character Kids Bedroom Wall Decoration

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to design a bedroom wall is by the use of stickers. Kids are, usually, not very picky when it comes to the placement and position of their wall decoration as long as they see something that makes them happy. What better way to design your kids bedroom than to design it using their favorite cartoon or movie characters? Using decals or stickers are very easy. The decorating process starts with the right choice of the sticker or decal and making sure that the decal is the appropriate size for the wall that you are going to decorate. If you plan to change them, you can simple remove them and clean the surface of the wall, then you can stick another decoration. We have gathered fun Cartoon Character Kid’s Bedroom Decoration to give you some ideas.

Beautiful Disney Princesses Wall Mural

 Image source: Dyyna

This beautiful and girly Disney princess sticker is a sure way to brighten and lighten up your girl’s bedroom. Most girls love them and they are epitomes of beauty.

Cheerful Dora Girls Bedroom Wall Decoration

 Image source: Aderhac

If you have a kid who loves to watch the adventures of Dora, then go ahead and paste a Dora the Explorer Wall Sticker on her bedroom. You can even add other designs like trees and jungle animals. These are some of the things and creatures that Dora interacts with .

Cool Large And Enormous Spiderman Wall Poster With Wooden Ladders

 Image source: 520 Grid

This Spiderman Wall Poster is indeed very large. It is one of the scenes in Spiderman. If your son loves Spiderman and his ability of being able to visit several buildings in one go, then he would definitely love a Spiderman mural as the defining statement of his bedroom.

Cute and Cool Minions Wall Sticker Design

 Image source: Jengooch

Don’t you just love the minions and their funny voices? These characters can be found in the Despicable Me movie. This is a great way to add personality, cuteness and fun in your child’s bedroom. Banana!

Fantastic Iron Man Wall Sticker Design

 Image source: Jengooch

What’s cool about this Ironman sticker is that it is 3D and looks like it could reach you. Ironman is a very cool character that boys love because of his ability to create and define his robots. That’s really great skill!

Funny Large Cars Kids Bedroom Wall Decoration

 Image source: Dyyana

Not only boys but also girls love the Cars movie. The movie is filled with fun and excitement as the cars are brought to life, with different funny facial expressions and witty conversations.

Funny Smurf Kids Room Decoration

 Image source: Varrell

Let’s take it to the blue level this time! Smurfs are really cute, sweet and smart. Design your kid’s bedroom with these small,cute and soft little creatures.

Nemo Characters Kids Bedroom Wall Decoration

 Image source: Kids Room

Does your kid have a fascination for Sharks and other sea creatures? Well, this bedroom wall sticker is perfect for him or her. First, paint the wall with blue then stick as much sea creatures as you like and it will look like the bedroom is underwater.

Pink Little Mermaid Personalized Wall Bedroom Design

 Image source: Etsy

A bedroom wall looks great especially when it is personalized. This pink personalized Little Mermaid wall decal adds a girly and royal touch to your girl’s bedroom.

Tasty Scooby Doo Kids Bedroom Wall Design For Green Themed Bedroom Ideas

 Image source: Jengooch

We love how the Scooby Doo team solved mysteries together and the funny jokes and acts of Shaggy. We don’t see much of them anymore but this Scooby Doo decal will reintroduce your child to the memories of Scooby Doo. Awoooo!