10 Functional and Stylish Bathroom Wall Hooks

10 Functional and Stylish Bathroom Wall Hooks

Inside the bathroom, the floor can get damp and messy. When taking a bath, you need your towels and robes and of course, you need a place where you can put them. Sometimes, we go inside a bathroom and find that there isn’t even a hook or towel holder where you can put your towels. If you have been subscribing to Rilane, you will feel that this shouldn’t be the case. We have emphasized that in designing, you have to consider many things and one of them should be the needs of the people who are using that room. In this case, we believe that a bathroom wall hook is essential in everyone’s bathroom. Here are 10 Functional and Stylish Bathroom Wall Hooks.

Align Robe Hook

 Image source: Amazon

This Align Robe Hook from Amazon is a functional hook where you can hang your rob and towel at the same time. All you have to do is to move them to the opposite directions and just put them together if you want to hang only one item.

Beach Starfish Bathroom Wall Hook

 Image source: Etsy

Imagine being on the beach and you see a cute starfish and you just want to hang it on the wall. Well, this isn’t exactly of the same color with the starfishes that you see on the beach but, well, they are still starfishes made as wall hooks. They are interesting and functional. You can opt to paint them as well.

Birch Wood And Pebble Unique Towel Hooks

 Image source: Kofup

This Birch Wood and Pebble Unique Towel Hooks look really cool and stylish. It will make a stoned bathroom complete and add accent to white or black bathroom.

Charming Bathroom Organizing With Triple White Towel Hooks

 Image source: Tovtov

Make your bathroom more organized with these personalized wall hooks. Now, having and using the same design of towels don’t have to be a problem in the family because you can easily identify who owns what with these personalized towel holders.

Classy Metal Towel Wall Hooks

 Image source: Amazon

Add some class to your bathroom with this Classy Metal Towel Wall Hooks which can hang two towels at the same time.

His and Hers Bathroom Wall Hook

 Image source: Amazon

This His and Hers Bathroom Wall Hook is perfect for couples who leave their towels or robes inside the bathroom. This time, there is no problem with using identical robes or towels.

Nautical Anchor Wall Hook

 Image source: Etsy

This Nautical Anchor Wall Hook can be matched with a red bathroom. It will accentuate a nautical themed bathroom and even has more space for hanging your towels and robes.

Queen Crown Golden Wall Hook

 Image source: Etsy

This Queen Crown Golden Wall Hook is a classy piece for a royalty’s bathroom. Feeling like a queen while you’re on your bath? Then add this piece to your bathroom.

Rustic Barn Wood Beach Home Decor

 Image source: Etsy

This Rustic Barn Wood Beach Decor has beach design ornaments made of ceramic which you can also paint if you desire. Plus, they are placed on Barn Wood to give it a natural look.

Wall Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar and Hooks

 Image source: Stacks and Stacks

What can be more functional than this Wall Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar and Hooks? Yup, you can place clean towels and hang the ones you are currently using.