10 Functional Outdoor Storage Benches

10 Functional Outdoor Storage Benches

Some people just love to hang out outdoors. There is something so relaxing about nature that being one with it gives you freedom. When you and your friends choose to hangout outdoors, you need the right kind of furniture that is comfortable and functional and of course, you might also be needing a place where you can store your important stuff while you go for a dip in the pool or just in case the rain strikes, you can be sure that your things are safe. Have you heard of storage benches? Well, these benches are not as comfortable as the sofas but one thing that sofas do not have that these benches do is their storage area. Here are some storage bench ideas that you can use for your patio or backyard.

Brown Storage Bench

 Image source: Feats and Acomplishments

This Brown Storage Bench is a take it or leave it. You can take it as it is or do not buy it. It is simply a place where your guests can take a seat temporarily before you eat or jump in the pool. Rest assured, their things will be safe in there.

Cherrywood Wooden Storage Bench

 Image source: Furniture Arcade

This nice cherrywood storage bench looks perfect against the green grass. This should definitely be your choice of material if you are planning to get a storage bench for your backyard which is covered with green grass.

Coral Coast Richmond Curved Back Outdoor Wood Storage Bench

 Image source: Hayneedle

Mahogany has this particular class to it. Though it is still wood, it looks elegant and is also a sturdy material so it is very trusty and durable for storage benches.

Mahogany Double Storage Bench

 Image source: Amazon

For more added storage of your cushions, inflatables or garden materials, you can get this double storage bench from amazon. Now you can separate the garden materials from those things that you usually bring indoors.

Neat Black and White Storage Bench

 Image source: Moyuc

This Neat Black and White Storage Bench will look great in your patio. It looks very neat and clean and will match any kind of tile or flooring in your patio.

Nice Woven Storage Bench

 Image source: Hayneedle

For a softer touch, go for woven benches with light colors such as this one from Hayneedle. It sure looks very neat and clean and fit next to your swimming pool. Now you never have to worry about your things getting wet or misplaced.

Rosewood Wooden Storage Bench

 Image source: Cheap as Chips

This Rosewood Storage Bench will also serve its purpose in a durable and functional way. Don’t worry about it getting wet because if the location of this bench is under the sun, then that’s not really a problem when it rains.

Simple Black Wooden Storage Bench

 Image source: Stur Bridge Yankee

If you do not want to bother yourself with all the options for your storage bench, you can simply go for the simple ones like this simple black bench from Stur Bridge Yankee.

Stone Textured Outdoor Storage Bench

 Image source: Sportsmans Guide

This bench is truly awesome because it imitates the look of a bench made of stone. Place this in your backyard and they would think you spent big money for stoned benches.

Wicker Black Storage Bench

 Image source: Inspired Home Living

This Wicker Black Storage Bench has a nice soft touch to it. Woven benches always give that soft touch no matter what color they are in. If you are after that kind of look, then you know exactly what to buy.