10 Gorgeous Hanging Bedside Lights Ideas

10 Gorgeous Hanging Bedside Lights Ideas

Naturally, the bedroom is the place in our homes where we should be able to feel as relaxed and as loosen as possible, which means that we have to do everything needed in order to achieve that comfortable soothing effect. The design and the furniture are of course an important factor in creating our oasis of sleep, but the essential part is definitely the lightning. If you want to create a dreamy appearance and to play with the beauty of lights, than you should definitely try hanging bedside lights along with the regular lightning. Hanging bedside lights are not only practical and within hand reach when you are lying in your bed, they are capable of transforming your bedroom into a dreamy space. They come into millions different shapes and designs, so it’s up to you to decide which style do you want for your own bedroom. We have collected various different designs of hanging bedside lamps, so feel free to check them out and to get inspired in choosing one for yourself. So read on and enjoy!

Artsy Bedside Hanging Lamp

Image Source: Gallery Hip

We love the effortlessly cozy and lovely ambiance in this modern rustic bedroom, especially the abstract wall art accentuated by the hanging glass bedside lamps. The lamps just add to the amazing neutral and airy appearance of this spot.

Retro Bedside Hanging Lamp

Image Source: Homester 

How awesome does this hanging bedside lamp look, right? The super- shiny design with a retro swirl stands out in this airy bedroom, and provides the room with a funky and urban appeal.

Shabby Chic Bedside Hanging Lamp

Image Source: Bohemian and Chic

We are in love with these hanging mini chandeliers because they are simply irresistible. They provide this bedroom with a wonderful shabby chic appeal, and look so romantic and dreamy along with the same styled furniture.

Soft Hanging Bedside Lamps

Image Source: Nordic Bliss

Can’t get any more softer and smoother than this. The lovely pastel color palette in this airy bedroom is complemented with smooth material hanging bedside lamps that just add to the dreamy ambiance of the setting. Unique and totally adorable.

Eclectic Hanging Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Eclectic Medicine 

Wow! Now this is something outstanding! The impressive design of hanging bedside chandelier fits perfectly in this dramatic boho setting. An amazing eclectic ambiance complemented with alluring color palette and brilliant lightning.

Minimalist Hanging Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Birdsong Design

You know how sometimes less is more? This is a brilliant way of proving that right. Bare bulbs placed on the bedsides hanging on cables that start from the center of the ceiling – so simple, yet so striking and unique. Gives this modern rustic bedroom a very distinctive and special appeal.

Rustic Hanging Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Jenny

The authentic rustic ambiance in this room is additionally accentuated with the hanging bedside lanterns with candles. They fit perfectly in the environment and glow with warm and lovely natural light.

Vibrant Hanging Bedside Lamp

Image Source: Pandas House

The vibrant and colorful appearance of this room is a perfect backdrop for small cute handing bedside lamps. The minimalist design of the lamps fulfill the space with extra cuteness and charm.

Sophisticated Hanging Bedside Lamp

Image Source: West Wing

For a super-sophisticated and elegant appearance of your bedroom do not hesitate to add some sparkle to it. The soft and classy look of this bedroom is highlighted by the hanging glass bedside chandeliers hat radiate with pure style and grace.

Contemporary Hanging Bedside Lamps

Image Source: Digs Digs

The bold and completely gorgeous look of this bedroom displays two hanging bedside lamps with a contemporary twist. They make quite a statement whit their unmistakable oval design and together with the wall art transform this accent wall into a very alluring and striking spot.