10 Kitchen Towels in Cool Designs

10 Kitchen Towels in Cool Designs

When we’re cooking, we are usually switching from one task to another. After slicing the ingredients, you have to prepare the pan or pot where you are going to cook. Of course, in the kitchen, we have to maintain cleanliness that is why it is important to wash your hands every time you finish a task or when you switch to another. Here at Rilane, we are not only concerned about your home looking good but that every product you consider to buy is also functional. Kitchen Towels have a very good purpose in the kitchen and they also come in different designs. Remember that a good looking kitchen is one way to inspire you to keep cooking and cooking delicious and healthy meals everyday. Here are 10 Kitchen Towels in Cool Designs

Birch Tree Kitchen Towel

 Image source: Minimal

This Birch Tree Kitchen Towel is a very refreshing design that will look nice on your refrigerator handle or on one of your cupboard handles.

Christmas Kitchen Hand Towel

 Image source: Shez

This Christmas Kitchen Hand towel from Shez is a great gift for the holiday season and is a nice piece to match your Christmas decoration this coming December. Now is a great time to start preparing since it is September!

Colorful and Creative Kitchen Towel

 Image source: Etsy

Do you have a problem choosing what kitchen towel to use for each day? Well, not to worry! With this design from Etsy, you have very cute kitchen towel designs for each day of the week.

Colorful and Sweet Kitchen Towels

 Image source: Skip To My Lou

These Colorful and Sweet Kitchen Towels will make your kitchen friendlier and inspiring. It will look great in a vibrant kitchen, such as those kitchen designs in pastel colors that we have gathered in a previous article.

Colorful Kirstie Kitchen Towel

 Image source: Rinas Beauty

This Colorful Kirstie Kitchen Towel comes in a fruity and environment friendly design in a cloth material which will easily dry up just by hanging it.

Crocheted Top Kitchen Hand Towels

 Image source: Etsy

This stylish Crocheted Top Kitchen Hand Towels is made of very good materials that absorbs water easily and dries up easily as well. You can choose from the different colors to match your kitchen.

Dragonfly Kitchen Towel

 Image source: Etsy

This Dragonfly Kitchen Towel in Turquoise and Yellow green design can be used either as a dish towel or kitchen towel. Either way, the design looks very child friendly.

Hot Pink Poodle Kitchen Towel

 Image source: Amazon

For dog lovers, you can now bring your love for poodles even in the kitchen with this Hot Pink Poodle Kitchen Towel!

Orange with Large White Dots Kitchen Towel

 Image source: Etsy

Does your name start with a letter C and do you feel like royalty? Well, this design from Etsy is a perfect hand washing essential for you.

Sweetly Stitched Hand Towels

 Image source: Destination Craft

Girls and children love sweet things! If you’re a mom and you love girly things in your kitchen, this Sweetly Stitched Hand Towel is the best hand towel you could ever have.