10 Unique Knife Holders for the Kitchen

10 Unique Knife Holders for the Kitchen

In the kitchen, having a complete set of knives is a great contribution to your productivity. When you have the right tools for cooking, it is easy to achieve what you really want. Knives differ depending on their purpose. There are knives specific only for dicing, mincing, slicing and there are those meant for cutting thick layers of meat. When you are particular with cuts and slices and you want every recipe to be almost perfect, then you can definitely start by organizing the knives that you use. By organizing your knives, you can save time and simply grab the one that you need. You can also be sure that they are safe from your children’s reach. We have gathered 10 Unique Knife Holders for the Kitchen.

Aubock Walnut Knife Holder

 Image source: 1stdibs

This Aubock Wallnut Knife Holder is a unique piece where you can easily place your clean knives after using them. The sturdy wall nut is sure to hold them in place.

Bamboo Box Knife Holder

 Image source: The Green Head

How many knives do you usually use in the kitchen? More than 20? Well, that’s really amazing because this Bamboo Box Knife Holder can hold more than 10 knives and you can be sure that they are safe and away from your children.

Barbuzzo Throwzini Knife Holder

 Image source: 4rtGallery

This Barbuzzo Throwzini Knife Holder has a cool design with a stable stand and has a protective sheath for each of your knives. This knife set is sure to help you prepare a sumptuous dish.

Driftwood Knife Holder

 Image source: Etsy

If you are the kind of chef who can do anything with just one tool, then this Driftwood Knife Holder is perfect for you. It can only house your one and only favorite knife.

Five Finger Fillet Steak Set

 Image source: Gluttoner

Imagine a hand being punctured by knives. This Five Finger Fillet Steak Set has that metal design. It is unique and can store 5 knives. You can definitely add this in your modern kitchen.

Ikon 6 Piece Knife Block with Metal Base

 Image source: Amara

This Iko 6 Piece Knife Block with Metal Base is a very organized piece. It is stable and durable and will look neat in your brown, metallic, rustic or industrial kitchen.

Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set

 Image source: Top Best Picks

This Knife Holder from Top Best Picks displays your knives in an organized way so that you can grab what you need as you are cooking.

Modern Knife Holder

 Image source: Touch of Modern

This Modern Knife Holder doesn’t look kid friendly because it was purposely designed to be so. It has a protective sheath for every knife that you place in there but it is always safe to keep it away from your children’s reach. It doesn’t look like something kids would love to play with.

Simple and Safe Knife Holder

 Image source: SmallecoJapan

This Simple and Safe knife holder is for those eco-lovers who love to recycle extra things such as barbecue sticks. You can come up with a simple knife holder for your kitchen such as this.

Upcycling Old Knife Holder

 Image source: Trendvee

Another simple yet very useful design is this design from Trendvee. It has a cool graphic design and is also safe and stable for your knives.