10 Whimsical and Awesome Pouf Designs

10 Whimsical and Awesome Pouf Designs

The pouf is an extremely interesting piece of decorative accessory for your living room and can be both practical, and ornamental at the same time. The most incredible part about the pouf is that it is multifunctional and can be used in various different ways. For example, the pouf is a great way to add an extra low seat in the room and it works excellent as a foot rest as well. Also, it can undertake the role of a decorative coffee table or a casual side table. However you choose to use it according to your needs, the pouf will surely add to the dynamic appeal of the space and will definitely be a main charmer in there. It can also add a pop of color into the room if you choose to make a statement with it, or you can stick to the color palette of the environment and just fit the pouf’s design into the setting. There are millions of different designs of poufs that can beautify your living room, so here we present you some of our favorite, in order to show you how awesome and cozy the pouf looks and feels. Feel free to check the designs out and steal some of the pouf-kissed designs if you like them. Read on and enjoy!

Vibrant Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source: Interiorpanett

This bright living room looks super-fresh and funky and has the adorable retro-kissed touch in it. The dynamic in the space is provided by the vibrant colors and the retro furniture design. The electric blue pouf fits in the ambiance and radiates with effortless cozy and cool look.

Neutral Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source: Treeinggear

The incredibly calm and neutral appearance of this contemporary living room is splashed with some ravishing red details such as the knitted pouf and just a few other pops of red on the sofa and the table. This way, an amazing balance in the space is achieved, so the end result is a wonderful, inviting and cozy living room which radiates with elegance and .

Contemporary Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source: Decoradvisor

Beautiful modern design of a living room in a natural color palette. The cushions on the sofa and the poufs are an amazing pop of calm grass green color and they bring instant freshness and vibrancy in the space. We love how even the rug has the same color details which makes the whole room compact, balanced and simply wonderful.

Elegant Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source: Cluboutfitter

This soft creamy white room with rich brown accents looks absolutely delightful. The pouf works as a central charmer and matches the dark wooden floor and coffee table color. Its design resembles the Moroccan style and makes the room appear stylish, elegant and graceful.

Cool Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source: Designdeinteriores

The amazing vibrant appearance of this room is absolutely blowing our minds. The super-cozy and catchy grey knitted pouf design is complementing the overall look of the space, and rounds out the cool atmosphere in here. So funky, relaxed and effortlessly artistic.

Chic Living Room Design with Poufs

Image Source: Jenny

This room is Oh-So-Stylish ! Looks so chic and sleek and screams style and trend. The perfectly serene and fresh feminine appeal is accentuated through those awesome fuchsia poufs that really stand out and add a gorgeous finish touch to the atmosphere in this amazing living room. The impressive abstract art on the wall as a focal point just adds to the wow effect of this space.

Cozy Living Room Design with Poufs

Image Source: Skydesigns

Such a warm and cozy atmosphere in this sweet and welcoming living room, right? Lovely combination of colors and patterns, and perfectly placed orange poufs for an incredibly simple, yet gorgeous appeal of a living space as an end result.

Gorgeous Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source: Homemaker

This living room looks so simple, and at the same time so gorgeous. Cool neutral color palette with some dark blue accents and that awesome dark green leather pouf as a central focus in the space, together make the overall appearance of the room smartly balanced and effortlessly beautiful.

Dynamic Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source: Roomsty

This space radiates with so much energy and vivacious spirit! A beautiful grey backdrop complemented with funky black and white floor, eclectic colorful throw pillows and large patterned poufs, and on top of it, those dazzling butterflies! The overall appearance of this living room is funky, vibrant and adorably dynamic.

Serene Living Room Design with Pouf

Image Source : Flickriver

The soft and serene appeal of this living room space is incredibly gorgeous. The white leather pouf works as a cozy spot for your foot to rest and just adds to the soothing and relaxing appearance of the spot.