12 Superb Bedroom Clothes Rack Designs

12 Superb Bedroom Clothes Rack Designs

If you have issues with your tiny closet, or if you don’t have any space for a closet, don’t despair. There is a solution to this problem, and actually, the solution doesn’t look bad at all, in fact, it looks amazing. A simple clothes rack can do the job very well in organizing your clothes and can add extra storage for your accessories and shoes as well. You’d be surprised if you found out how up-to-date and stylish a clothes rack can look nowadays. They come in various different styles, shades and since they are not so complicated in design, you also have to possibility to make yourself a personalized one. Take a look of the list that we made for you, which displays several various designs of clothes racks, that can serve you as a open closet and be of great use. So do read on and find yourself the most compatible clothes rack for your own bedroom. Enjoy!

Simple Chic Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Team Confetti

Here we have a regular clothes rack made out of wood and pipes that radiates with simple charm and beauty. If fulfilled with perky stylish clothes and colors, it can look pretty amazing.

Vintage Masculine Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Idosm

This vintage looking clothes rack fits into the old-time inspired setting just perfect. Looks like a tremendous choice for storing man’s clothes that scream character and charm.

Contemporary Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Give Me That Thing

Such a refined and superb metal clothes rack that blends into the all white setting. Its simple, yet striking design looks even more alluring because it’s fulfilled with stylish monochrome clothes.

Portable Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: White Punch

This distinctive design of this rolling clothes rack with bars is complemented with a bulb, which gives it an incredible industrial twist and real charm. The rack is big, lighted, portable, thus very practical and handy.

Elegant Minimalist Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Kings Of Sweden

The minimalist and very elegant design of this clothes rack radiates with simplicity and adorable appeal. Another example that sometimes, less is more.

Industrial Pipes Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Pick Me Up

A very urban and catchy clothes rack in an industrial style, to complement the superb industrial setting around. The pipes that hold the clothes are on different levels for more catchy and dynamic look, and for extra storage, additional side shelves.

Hanging Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Avenue Lifestyle

Such an awesome idea, a hanging clothes rack, isn’t it? This pure Scandinavian bedroom displays this black hanging clothes rack, minimalist design for maximum storage.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: The Simple Essentials

Super cute and charming clothes rack in a lovely shabby chic style that brings extra appeal in this bedroom. Its effortless and unobtrusive look displays a nice way of clothes storage.

DIY Colored Branch Bedroom Clothes Rack

 Image Source: Glorie

If you like this clothes rack, you’ll like even more the fact that is extremely easy to make. If you are feeling creative and crafty, just find a solid big branch, spray it white, and hang it on the ceiling, and you’ll get a super gorgeous and unique clothes rack.

Rolling White Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Amazing Interior Design

This rack has the size of a closet, but a very convenient one, since it’s open and portable. Its lovely serene white design makes it even more gorgeous and appealing.

Layered Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Shak In Style

Super convenient and handy clothes rack since it’s complemented with a portable design and a couple of shelves for extra storage and neat outlook.

Dreamy White Bedroom Clothes Rack

Image Source: Vitsjarna

A simple white metal clothes rack can get from regular to dreamy in just about seconds, if you take the time to embellish it with lovely lights. This way your rack will look adorable, and your clothes lighted and precious.