13 Eccentric Vases For Your Homes

13 Eccentric Vases For Your Homes

Vases play an important function in homes, offices, restaurants and any kinds of places. They not only serve as stands or containers for flowers and plants but they add beauty to the room or table. Just like any kind of accessory or furniture in your home or office, it is important to choose the best piece of flower or plant vase. After all, it is the second thing that customers or diners will notice when placed as a center piece. Vases can range from big to small, thick to thin, light to dark. There are different kinds of vases- table vases or floor vases. There are also hanging and wall vases which when carefully chosen, can make a change in the total look and feel of your room. Rilane gathered a couple of eccentric vases that you can choose from to redesign your place or to simply add an element to accentuate a very simple room or table. Generally, you can use these vases as centerpieces or accessories in your room. It is really up to you to determine how you would want your place to look like. Always remember that it is best to either blend a centerpiece in your room or make it stand out.

Aquatic Striped Vase

Image Source: Prime Lighting Design

This Aquatic Striped Vase from Prime Lighting Design is made of brown gradient. It starts with a dark color from the bottom and clears all the way up. It resembles the look of the ocean and sea weeds. This won’t really look good as a centerpiece but rather as a member of some other small vases of the same shade or style. If you want, you can also make it as a solo piece and make it stand out among your other vases which are smaller in size.

Black Broken Vase Design

Image Source: Alamai

This Black Broken Vase from Alamai looks very eccentric and deceiving. You can actually make it as a centerpiece but it would look better with other vases of the similar species. You can place two or three on the center table of your living room and your guests will truly notice this unique piece.

Black Wheat Elongated Vase

Image Source: Indian Gifts Portal

This Black Wheat Elongated Vase from Indian Gifts Portal looks sexy and feminine. You can give it as a gift to your wife or better yet, surprise her with a breakfast in bed and add this elegant piece with a white rose on it. That would be a wonderful way to start her day.

Blue Teardrop Water Vase

Image Source: Vases Novica

This vase looks simple and sophisticated at the same time. It looks like something you can see in a chemical laboratory. This vase would look fantastic as a centerpiece in your living room.

Blue Carnaby Scale Vase

Image Source: Amara

This Blue Carnaby Scale Vase has a regular cylindrical shape but the design makes it look 3D. This vase can be one of your accessories in a blue, black, gray or white themed living room. You can also place this vase along your hallway and you don’t have to put anything in it. It is simply… Stylish!

Blue and Red Glass Vase

Image Source: Amara

This Blue and Red Glass Vase is another one of those vases which seem to contain some chemical in it. This can go well in rooms with stained glass windows.

Classy Wave Edge Vase

Image Source: Shopping India Times

This vase looks very elegant and can be a perfect wedding gift for your girl friend who is getting married. It can be made as a center piece or accessory. It is one of those vases that can make you appreciate the sophistication of one object.

Earth Elements Vase

Image Source: Shopping India Times

Fire, wind and water- These vases say it all. You can choose to use these vases from Shopping India Times individually to match your living room or dining room, or you can put them together to make a wonderful centerpiece. It makes your living room or dining room look really powerfully stylish!

Flipper Shaped Vase

 Image Source: Alamai

Another uniquely styled vase form Alamai, this vase looks like a flipper. It would be a perfect element to a classic black and white themed room or an addition to your swimming collection. Whatever your purpose would be in buying that vase, it would surely remind you of boats, flippers, anchors, sharks, fins, whales… name it!

Solid Pastel Color Vase

Image Source: Stylish Entertainer

This Solid Pastel Colored Vase looks perfect for a colorful living room. It comes in three primary colors so it would not be difficult to blend it in with a living room which has any one of those colors.

Red Crystal Vase

Image Source: Stylish Entertainer

This red vase in a shape of a wine glass looks rather tempting. You can use this vase when preparing for a home dinner date with your wife or husband. There is just something sexy about the red color. This vase might just be the key for a glass of wine and the start of something steamy. *wink*

Stylish Frosted Vintage Vase

Image Source: Antique Atlas

This unique vase from Antique Atlas looks vintage. The design looks powerful and is a great centerpiece for your table. Everyone would be asking where you got that awesome piece.

The Banana Vase

Image Source: Alamai

This Banana Vase from Alamai looks unique as well. Who would think of making a vase in a shape of a banana. This would perfectly fit in your dining table, next to a tray of fruits. You can also place a flower in it to add some pleasure to your dining.