14 Awesome and Totally Functional Book Stands For Home Office

14 Awesome and Totally Functional Book Stands For Home Office

Are you a bookworm or just a random reader? Some people complain of not being too interested in reading because something seems to be lacking. There is no comfort and inspiration to read. Some people might say, “reading makes my eyes tired” or “reading strains my neck”. Just like any type of room you usually stay in, you would always want comfort and convenience in everything that you do. Have you ever considered getting a book stand? A functional book stand will do the trick. If you get the right book stand for your eye-level, reading will be hassle-free. Here at Rilane, we have chosen not only functional but also stylish book stands that can aid you in your reading. You just might come back to being a book worm or might start a new hobby with these accessories!

AGA Vintage Bookstand

 Image source: Andyquirks

This AGA Vintage Bookstand looks strong and durable. It can last you for a lifetime. When you are the type of reader who is not too conscious about style but of quality, this book stand is for you.

Blue Walrus Bookstand

 Image source: Shopwalrus

This really cute Walrus book stand in baby blue is fitting for your son’s study habits. It has a page marker or page guard so that even though he stops reading, he can always go back to the same page where he left off.

Folding Multiple Level Bookstand

 Image source: Shakerworkshops

This multiple level bookstand doesn’t have too much style to it but is very functional because its’ levels are adjustable that way, you are sure to avoid eye strain and can read continuously for a couple of hours.

Gisella Graham Wooden Recipe Bookstand

 Image source: Mollieandfred

This is a classic recipe bookstand from Mollieandfred. It is something you can imagine seeing on the set of Letter to Juliet. This bookstand will make it easier for you to refer to your recipes. It’s design might not look perfect for a modern kitchen but it will look perfect for most typical kitchens.

Hazorfim Wood and Silver Bookstand

 Image source: Judaicawebstore

Here is another wood and silver bookstand from Judaicawebstore. This bookstand says, “Your Honor”. If you have a friend who practices law or is in the legal field, this can be a perfect gift for him or her.

Open Book White Bookstand

Image source: Amazon

This Open Book White Book stand from Amazon looks appropriate for the big books that you have in your office like your dictionary or bible. It has a paperweight cord so that locating the last page you used won’t be a problem, that is like browsing history for you.

Sleek Cream Bookstand

 Image source: Gnr8

This sleek cream book stand looks sharp and sleek. If you do not like all the fuss of design, you might want to get this type of bookstand.

Solid Mahogany Bookstand

 Image source: Nechurchsupplies

This wooden book stand will secure your Atlas, giant dictionaries or giant bibles in place. This is where you can also put your song books or music note copies used in church. In fact, this design really looks like something you can find in church.

Tabletop Bookstand

 Image source: Tagtoys

This tabletop bookstand from Tagtoys looks very convenient to use. At the left side, you have a mini-bookshelf where you can put the recent books that you have been reading or you need to read. You do not have to go anywhere to continue reading a book. This will give you a better vision of how much or little you have to finish.

The BOOK Bookstand

 Image source: This BOOK book stand looks very fun and vibrant for children. It screams its purpose, and that is for a proper placement of books. You do not have to look anywhere to find it. It would best fit in a children’s library.

TV Tray Book Stand Holder Laptop Desk

 Image source: Nofiqib

This bookstand serves several purposes especially for those “too busy” people who need to read or work on something the very moment they wake up. It can hold your notebooks, papers and laptops and is adjustable to fit your sitting or lying position.

Vintage Bookstand

 Image source: Andyquirks

This vintage book stand looks funky and cool but you cannot be too sure about the functionality. Well, who really cares? It is stylish! Some people would exchange functionality for style and just get another ordinary one.

Wooden Carved Bookstand

 Image source: Pfollansbee

This wooden carved book stand looks like someone really took their time to make it. It is very detailed and also functional with its adjustable levels.

Woodware Colonial Bookstand

 Image source: Palmer Stores

This Woodware Colonial Book stand looks feminine and simple. It is perfect for book worms who have a balance of style and functionality in their lifestyle.