15 Exclusively Modern Kitchen Faucet Designs

15 Exclusively Modern Kitchen Faucet Designs

In order to create an overall functional kitchen, you have to think of everything, beginning with the very fundamentals to necessary decorative items to inevitable fixtures. The kitchen faucet is something which without your kitchen cannot function, so its sorted in the group of fundementals in the kitchen. Aside of the functionality and the obvious necessity of the kitchen faucet, its design can have a major influence in creating a look for your kitchen. The design of the kitchen faucet is also important in terms of functionality, since the tap and sprinkling of the water are associated with the design of the same. Fortunately, we live in a modern era, where everything comes to superior and modern design with advanced settings and properties. The kitchen faucet, and its design can enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen, even if it looks like a small item in the place, its appearance is really important. In case you were thinking of replacing your old kitchen faucet with a new one, draw some inspiration in the showcase below. Enjoy!

Admirable Industrial Faucet

Image Source: Cyrille Charier

This is an extremely advanced design of a superior modern faucet with additional tap to sprinkle larger amount of water. This faucet will no only beautify the sink area, but it will also make things in the kitchen easier.

Advanced Water Faucet

Image Source: Octopus Design

This is another modern faucet, specially manufactured to sprinkle large amount of water and to make things easy for the user. The sleek and modern appearance will additionally beautify the appearance of the kitchen.

Classic Styled Faucet

Image Source: Stephanie Wiley

This is faucet does not have super advanced properties, nor creative feature, it has normal and classical features, but its vintage styled design makes it perfect for a modern and cool kitchen.

Elegant Faucet

Image Source: Carson Poetzl

Here is another classical faucet design with elegant and sophisticated appearance. The glossy appeal of the faucet will surely enhance the outlook of the sink area and may stand out in the kitchen.

Flower Faucet

Image Source: Brizo

This faucet is distinctively amazing and unique. The designer of this faucet was obviously inspired by a flower, regarding to the flower shape of the faucet. The design of this faucet is elegant, sophisticated and classy.

Flying Swan Faucet

Image Source: Omari Dos Santos

This faucet has an ultimately modern and sophisticated design and advanced properties. The main inspiration for the shape of the faucet is swan preparing to fly.

Modern Flexible Faucet

Image Source: Donna Dufresne Interior Design

The tall and industrial design of this unique and modern faucet incorporated with modern properties will surely help you to create a classy and unique appearance of the kitchen.

Pink Swan Faucet

Image Source: Delta Faucet

This modern stainless steel faucet decorated with pink cover which serves as a protective faucet.

Shower Tap, Modern Faucet

Image Source: Moen

The shower allike sprinkle of this modern and creative faucet will surely make things easy for you. The flawlessly modern and contemporary design of this faucet will surely stand out in the kitchen and provide it with contemporary and modern note.

Sleek Faucet

Image Source: R Bandini

We especially love the flat design of this extraordinary faucet with sleek and modern appearance. This faucet will surely provide your sink area with utterly modern and chic feel.

Swan Inspired Faucet

Image Source: Brizo

This is another modern faucet manufactured by Brizo and inspired by nature, more precisely inspired by the graciosity of a swan. This Swan inspired faucet has really elegant and beautiful appearance, decorate with black protective layers.

Unique Modern Faucet

Image Source: Graff Faucets

How awesome and bold is the design of this modern faucetfaucet is that its functionality and usage is the same as on a regular tap, so if you are up for modern and yet classic, this can be a right choice.

Vintage Styled Faucet

Image Source: Redbud Custom Homes

This is super classy and modern faucet in the form of a regular tap with vintage and antique style. The rustic copper like color of the faucet will add a classy and a bit of industrial note in your kitchen.

Waterfall Faucet

Image Source: Hansa

Who would not like a waterfall in the kitchen sink? – This faucet has a really advanced and modern design, incorporating glass and stainless steel has succeeded its distinctive and contemporary appearance.

White Faucet

Image Source: Meidad Marzan

This white and sleek faucet has a really interesting form and shape. We think of this faucet that has a form of a little puppy, but that is just our point of perception. Anyway, this faucet has an awesome and outstanding appearance.