15 Fruity and Stylish Kitchen Wall Clocks

15 Fruity and Stylish Kitchen Wall Clocks

Everywhere we go, we need to know what time it is. The things that we do cannot be done forever. All good things come to an end. Of course, in an activity such as cooking, we also need to set the time so that what we are cooking isn’t overcooked or doesn’t become less cooked or raw. Time is very important in baking, in simmering, in boiling and in other cooking activities. When you’re cooking in the kitchen, you do not have to go back to the living room just to check the time to tell if what you’re cooking is ready. Because of modern technology, we have cellphone timers and that makes everything easy, or we can use our watches to set the time but what if your hands are full, like while you are simmering something, you are still preparing batter, think of all the possibilities, of course, you can’t use your hands to hold your cellphone and you can’t set the time on your wristwatch. You probably get our point by now. We need wall clocks in the kitchen because preparing a meal doesn’t have to take forever and there is such a thing as “al dente!”. We have gathered some awesome kitchen wall clocks that you can add to your kitchen.

Antique Style 12 Inch Botanical Lemon Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This Antique Style 12 Inch Botanical Lemon Clock will look best in a light colored kitchen. It has a lemon design and could also match kitchens with yellow to neutral colors. It also looks classic with the use of roman numerals.

Bulova Antique Fruit Pattern Whittingham C3260 Clock

 Image source: Voore

This Bulova Antique Fruit Pattern Wittingham C3260 Clock would match your wooden designed kitchen especially if your kitchen is in shades of mahogany, oak or rosewood.

Fruit Design Clock with Prayer

 Image source: Amazon

Bless your home with this Fruit Design Clock with a prayer. It serves as a reminder to the family to bless the food before partaking it, not to mention, it also reminds you if your family has eaten on time.

Geneva 12-Inch Wine Wall Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This Geneva 12 Inch Wine Clock would look nice in your wine cellar but you’d want to show it off to people. This traditional wine wall clock would look classy in your kitchen.

Kiwifruit Wall Clock

 Image source: Storenvy

We’ve seen some traditional clocks, now here is a delicious kiwi clock from storenvy. This piece would look perfect in your modern kitchen.

Live Love Laugh Grapes Wall Clock

 Image source: Touch of Class

To check the time and to serve as a reminder of living well, loving much and laughing hard, this wall clock with grape design will look good in your traditional or wood themed kitchen.

Peach Fruity Wall Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This peach fruity wall clock is modern in design and will look stunning in your modern kitchen.

Red Apple Kitchen Wall Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This clock can serve as a nice gift for your friends during the holiday season or you can just get it for yourself and place it in your modern kitchen to add some color to it.

Red Fruit on White Plate Kitchen Wall Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This fruit wall clock looks like an apple served on a white plate reminding you that it’s always healthy to eat an apple a day.

Scrolling Vines Round Metal Wall Clock

 Image source: Touch of Class

This metal round clock with vine design looks eye-catching. It has a wide pattern and encloses the clock, making it look more stylish than just a plain clock.

Smoothie Wall Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This Smoothie Wall Clock looks really delicious and fitting for the summer. If you plan to change up your kitchen a bit in preparation for the summer, then you can add this Smoothie Wall Clock as one of your accessories.

Tomato Tin Can Wall Clock

 Image source: Ali Express

Tomatoes are generally good for the skin. Let this wall clock serve as a reminder that it’s always nice to serve a tin can of tomatoes at least once a week.

Vin Rouge Wine Grapes Wall Clock

 Image source: Touch of Class

Here is another wine design wall clock. It has a metal edging which makes it look even classier.

Wine Bottles 10-inch Wall Clock

 Image source: Classical Creations

If you are more of an art person and would like to reflect that into your kitchen, well this Wine Bottles 10-inch wall clock which is in paint design is the perfect wall clock for you.

Winery Grapes Round Wall Clock

 Image source: Touch of Class

With the detailed carved border design, we can’t simply call this wine clock simple. Compared to the wall clocks that we have seen previously, this wall clock spells class and elegance.