15 Fun and Colorful Lighting for Kid’s Bedroom

15 Fun and Colorful Lighting for Kid’s Bedroom

We have to admit that taking care of children is not a very easy job. You have to feed them, watch them, teach them good things and put them to sleep. After a long day at work, seeing your children go to their bedrooms by themselves is an icing on your cake. Sometimes, you need extra energy to run around and chase them until they feel tired and finally, fall asleep and that is when you carry them into their bedrooms. Parents do not have to do this all the time or every night because with the right elements inside your child’s bedroom, the bedroom itself will invite him to go to bed. What could bring them close to their bedrooms and make it easier for parents to put them to sleep? The secret is to make the room inviting- the perfect lighting and comfort that a child’s bedroom can bring will put him to dreamland in seconds. Here are some fun and colorful lamps that not only dim your sons’ and daughters’ bedrooms but would be something that they would look forward to seeing it glow every night. The perfect lighting is the key to everything.

Magician’s Hat Design

 Image source: Decosee

If your child is drawn to magic and loves the idea of being a magician in the future, he can start dreaming about that in his own bedroom. Introducing the Magician’s Hat ceiling lamp which gives just the right amount of light in the bedroom. Your son can watch it hang until he dreams of magic dust, rabbits and a deck of cards flying across his room.

Neon Soccer Ball Table Lamp

Image source: Ianybox
Does your child love soccer? Then he would love you more than his love for soccer if you give him this neon glowing lamp. This can be a table or floor lamp. It can also be used as a dim light when he is already sleeping and doesn’t want to wake up in darkness. Just warn him or her, though, that his real soccer ball is in school and this is just an imitation and should be handled with care.

Pink Girly Table Lamp

Image source: Monster Market Place
This table lamp would definitely make every little girl smile. Just look at the colors, flowers and the butterfly. Your baby girl might not be able to take her eyes off this cute element in her bedroom until she falls off to dream land. Good night baby!

Pink Porky Pig Lamp

Image source: Alibaba
This pink porky pig table lamp can be a nice addition to your girl’s bedroom who loves Babe, the pig in the city, or Porky pig or just admires the chubbiness of pink pigs. This lamp gives off a pink glow which can serve as a dim light for your daughter. She can even make this as one of her glowing pets in her bedroom.

Pink Tangled Table Lamp

Image source: Interior Designable
Do you remember the Disney animation titled “Tangled”? Girls love that! Well, maybe next to “Frozen”. This table lamp will remind her of Rapunzel’s lanterns every time it was her birthday. But again, since this is a table lamp, just let your little girl know that Rapunzel had a paper lantern and this one is not made of paper. You can do the rest of the explaining, mum!

Plant vs. Zombies Lamp

Image source: Ali Express

Many kids loved Plants vs. Zombies, the computer and smartphone application that was a craze last year. This sunflower is just too cute for your child to ignore it. It will dim the room and make your child smile before sleeping.

Pretty Princess Lamp

Image source: Interior Design Idea 

This pretty princess lamp will remind your little girl of “The Frog Prince” story. You can tell her that the frog will kiss her if she doesn’t go to sleep immediately. She will either like the idea that she already has a prince next to her, or you will end up telling the story of “The Princess and The Frog” all over again until she falls asleep.

Soccer Player’s Lamp

Image source: Nivo Team 

Compared to the Neon Soccer ball dim light, this Soccer player’s lamp is designed for teenagers and soccer players. This is more of a study lamp than just a dim light. This can come in handy for your boy in grade school or high school.

Spalding Basketball Player’s Lamp

Image source: Nivo Team

This Spalding Basketball Player’s Lamp is a perfect gift for basketball players or basketball enthusiasts. This won’t go out of style because it’s design isn’t too childish and even dads who love the Spalding brand.

The Dream Girls’ Lamp

Image source: Hung Out To Buy 

This lamp tells your little girl to dream and keep on dreaming. This cute little lamp is a great addition to your little girl’s already flowery bedroom. It is colorful and is made of recyclable paper- very environment friendly.

The Safest Modern Lamp

Image source: Interior Designable

This lamp from interiror designable isn’t too child-friendly in design, isn’t it? But if you have some toddlers, this by far, is the safest design because your toddler won’t be able to figure out how to hold or play with this lamp so it is always safely positioned on the table.

Transportation Design Lamp

Image source: My Urban Child 

Some children just love to talk about how they dream of driving a car or becoming a pilot. This transportation table lamp is perfect for that kind of early dreamer. Add this transportation vehicle inspired table lamp to your little boy’s bedroom to match the helicopter and car toys that he already has.

Winner the Pooh Designer Lamp

Image source: Home Interior Design 

Some people say that Pooh doesn’t wear any underwear, but heck, do children really care about underwear? Children love Pooh’s big tummy and soft, yellow color. Winnie the Pooh also looks very friendly to children. This table lamp can be a good addition to the Winnie the Pooh lover.

Yellow Feline Table Lamp

Image source: Home Gallery Design

Nala and Maru- these names would certainly ring a bell if you are a cat lover. This yellow feline table lamp would be a perfect dimmer for your cat-loving child’s bedroom.

Choo Choo Lamp

Image source: Home Gallery Design

This train isn’t Thomas but it certainly is still a train that kids generally love. Maybe they love the noise that it makes or that distinct red and black color combination. Do you remember liking trains? Well, if your child does like them, this train inspired lamp can be a perfect piece for his bedroom.