15 Modern Toothbrush Holders

15 Modern Toothbrush Holders

In our everyday living, it is necessary to keep all of our things neat and organized. It invites a positive mood in the morning when you see a neat and organized table, sink or bathroom. There are different kinds of stuff in the bathroom- shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, shaves and razors, wax, deodorants and aerosol sprays. It is important that we keep our living space always organized so that we do not spend too much time looking for something or it simply does not ruin our mood. There are different kinds of organizers out on the market and if you wish, you could grab all of them. However, if you do not know how to use them properly, they might also ruin the entire bathroom or room. For now, let us focus on our bathroom sinks. The key to the right kind of organization is in choosing which kinds of organizers you want to take in. There are racks, drawers, hangers. Rilane gathered some modern toothbrush holders which you can find in the market to help you maintain a clean and organized sink or brushing area.

Bobble Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Geek Alerts

This colorful bobble toothbrush holder is named for the reason that it “bobs”. You can throw it anywhere and it will still stand up. This holder makes sure that your toothbrush is high up in the air and does not touch the ground, one way to always keep it sanitary.

Colorful Droplets Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Crooked Brains

This colorful toothbrush holder is very cute for children. It has a smiling face on it and comes in a vibrant color to invite your child to brush regularly and grab his toothbrush by himself. This toothbrush holder can be attached on the wall with the use of a suction or double adhesives.

Creative Glass Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Homedit

This creative glass toothbrush holder from homedit looks very modern and stylish. It can fit well in a modern type of bathroom or any bathroom sink with black and green shades. It is made of glass which means that it’s weight will prevent it from falling easily, but just be careful when you’re in a hurry. That piece looks priceless!

Group of Owls Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Inew Idea

Inew Idea has a really creative toothbrush holder design. Your children can brush brush brush together and put their brushes on the same holder and say good night to their owls.

Heart Family Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Assets Mochithings

This Heart family toothbrush holder looks in for Valentines’ day but it can also be a reminder of the family’s love for each other. Watch your toothbrushes all put together like one happy family.

Man Swallows Toothbrush Holder with Toothpaste Dispenser

 Image source: Alamai

This toothbrush holder from Alamai looks cool because not only can it hold one toothbrush, but it can hold two brushes, plus, there is an easy squeeze toothpaste dispenser. You just need to squeeze the toothpaste, there is no need to hold it. It definitely saves you time.

Metric Wall Mount Toothbrush

 Image source: Wfrcdn

This Metric Wall Mount toothbrush looks classy. It can be placed on the wall next to your mirror or sink. It would also look good if placed over white tiled walls.

My Cow Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: 100-gift

100-gift’s toothbrush holder design is a cow which can hold both your toothpaste and toothbrush. It can hold up to two brushes. It is good for a brother-sister relationship in the house.

One-eyed Monster Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Made in China

This one-eyed monster looks as if it is swallowing the toothbrush. It comes in two colors and can hold two brushes. It reminds you of those monsters from Monster’s Inc although this design is not as short as Sully.

Pink Mushroom Group Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Made In China

Wouldn’t it be cute to slide in your brushes between pink mushrooms. Yes, it is cute and sweet and maybe soft so grab these pink mushrooms as your toothbrush holder now!

Rockstar Guitars Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Store Drumbum

For the music lovers, this Rockstar Guitar toothbrush holder is perfect for you. It’s has an embossed guitar design which you can actually feel if you holder the toothbrush holder with your hands.

This Toothbrush is Mine Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Drink Stuff

Doesn’t this toothbrush holder from Drink Stuff look really possessive? Well, yes it is and if you get one of these, it will secure your toothbrush, surely!

Toe Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Drink Stuff

Here is another unique design from drink stuff. It is the Toe Toothbrush Holder. This toothbrush holder secures your toothbrush in between these artificial toes. It is a good thing they don’t smell bad!

White Tooth Toothbrush Holder

 Image source: Everything and Nothing

This white toothbrush holder from Everything and Nothing reminds you of your trip to the dentist. It also tells you to brush your teeth religiously to achieve those pearly whites.

Yummy Bear Toothbrush Holder

Image source: Karma Kiss

This yummy bear toothbrush holder hugs your toothbrush. You have to make sure that your brush fits in it though, before you actually get one of these.