15 Striped Stairs Runners Designs For the Hallway

15 Striped Stairs Runners Designs For the Hallway

The staircase is a part of the house which is used often. Going to the second floor of the house would be impossible without passing by the stairs. Did you know that the first stairs were made of wood trunks that were put together for the purpose of arriving at the top of the mountains and to ease the difficulty of climbing terrains and valleys? The making of the stairs also revealed the talent of those who made them. Even though the main purpose of the stair case is only to bridge the first floor to the second floor, we mustn’t neglect that design is always possible in whatever part of the house. Maybe you haven’t really thought of that idea right? How exactly can you design the staircase? Use your imagination! There are many ways in which you can put art to your staircase. One way is to put runners or carpets on the staircase. Some staircases are made of tiles or wood which can also be slippery. Aside from that function, the correct choice for stair runners and carpets can also add to the beauty of your home. We have gathered some inspiring ideas for stair runners and carpets. These ones are striped designs.

Black and Light Violet Zipper Stair Runner

Image source: The Carpet Library

This black and light blue zipper stair runner gives a bit of an illusion of movement when you look at it. It looks simple and can add to the style of your staircase.

Black and White Big Stripes Stair Runner

Image source: Elephant Buffet

A simple black and white stair runner, this is useful when you want to achieve a simple look. It would look best if your staircase is in white. This is made of thin, non-slip cloth material.

Black, Grey and Cream Stripes Stair Runner

 Image source: Carpet Runners

This is both a runner and a carpet. It feels softer when you walk on it barefoot and gives your steps a modern look.

Blue, Green and Black Stripe Stair Runners

 Image source: My Mid Life Reno

For this type of runner, the designer decided to attach the runners on the risers and not on the steps themselves. This makes it easier to clean and is only done for the purpose of design. But if you want non-slippery stairs, then you might want to consider putting it on the steps.

Cream Colored Stair Runner

 Image source: Marshall House Matters

This staircase runner looks attractive and relaxing to the eyes. It is made of cream color and can strike a balance on your dark-colored steps.

Deep Red and Black Stair Carpet

 Image source: Kristoffersen Carpets

This staircase carpet in deep red looks perfect for rooms in light paint. It is vibrant which makes the room look more attractive and not too airy. White and red look good together.

Earth Colors Stair Runner

 Image source: Christopher James Interiors

When you are looking for a safe color and you are not sure what color of runners or carpets will suit best for the color of your stairs, go for earth colored runners and once you have decided what color would look good, you can switch colors.

Grey Stair Runner

 Image source: Peel Room

Here is another safe colored runner for your wooden steps. It is grey with a little bit of brown. The texture if this carpet is sure to serve its function well.

Moss Colored Stair Carpet

 Image source: Aft Flooring Solutions

For a more vintage look in your room, you can try moss colored to darker shades of pink or yellow for your runners.

Multi-Colored Striped Stair Runner

 Image source: Rated People

When you want to spell art in the home or remember the colors of paint, these runners are perfect for you. They are very vibrant and reminds you of the artsy fartsy person that you are.

Neopolitan Sky Blue Stair Carpet

 Image source: Regency Carpets

If you have babies or children at home, you might not want to use colors that are too vibrant or strong. Instead go for lighter shades that will make your rooms or staircase more playful and child-friendly.

Refreshing Light Colored Stair Runner

 Image source: Mid Wales Flooring

This refreshing light colored stair runner is sure to attract your guests. Using light colors adds to the friendliness and homey feeling of the room.

Striped Mahogany Tones Stair Runner

 Image source: Homedit

Of course, you can always go for matching the color of your runner to your staircase. As shown in the picture, the runner is almost of the same shade with the steps. You can never go wrong with matching things. Just don’t over do it.

Vibrant Color Stair Runner

 Image source: What am I

Here is another vibrant colored runner. This time, it is more on the blue shade which makes it look masculine. This is perfect for stairs leading to the men’s bedroom or if you do not want to make your stairs look too girly.

Violet and Peach Stair Carpet

 Image source: Christine Dovey

Here is another vintage style from Christine Dovey. This carpet reminds you of the style of clothes worn in the 80’s. This is great if you love vintage and your home spells classic!