15 Unique and Problem-Free Soap Dishes

15 Unique and Problem-Free Soap Dishes

Remember that time when your soap slipped from your hand and fell on some floor dirt? You definitely don’t want to pick that up. It’s disgusting! But then you thought, do I have to open another box of soap? That would mean a deduction from my yearly supply which means I have to get another one to replace the deficit. You put too much thought on that. Sometimes, we can’t avoid soaps from slipping from our hands. Well, that means you need extra care on your part and the good soap dish so you do not accidentally drop the soap bar even before you start to use it. There are soap dishes designed specifically to neatly and carefully hold your soap bars in place. Here are some we’ve gathered which are available on the market. These designs are not too ordinary and you will love them.

Brush Soap Dish

 Image source: Gessato

This red brush is a soap dish and is not meant for cleaning. I beg of you! That would be the last thing that you would do. Unless you want all the bathroom molds to touch your skin, then you can use this soap dish as a bathroom cleaning brush, but trust us, that is totally not the purpose. This brush soap dish makes sure that your soap is held securely in place so that it doesn’t slip when placed on a surface. The bristles lightly poke the soap bar to hold it in place.

Bubbles Soap Dish

 Image source: Mocha

This Bubble Soap Dish looks really interesting. It has some soap bubbles so that your soap doesn’t slip and it is made of transparent material which makes the bubbles look like water. It always looks as though you’ve just used the soap.

Burford Soap Dish

 Image source: Amara

This Burford Soap Dish looks classy with its metal design. It has three holes on the bottom to keep your soap dry all the time.

Clawfoot Soap Dish

 Image source: Dylan Kendall

This Clawfoot Soap Dish looks very cute. It looks like a baby wearing a diaper from one side. It looks strange if you view it from both sides though- a baby with four legs. This design is really unique.

Coral Stone Soap Dish

 Image source: Labrazel Home

This soap dish desig for Labrazel Home looks elegant and expensive. It is as if it was made out of precious coral stone and then various colors were added. Of course, you can also count on its functionality.

Creative Bath Black and White Soap Dish

 Image source: Hay Needle

This Black and White soap dish design from Hay Needle looks fancy and would fit in the bathroom of a highly elegant woman.

Fishbone Soap Dish

 Image source: Umbra

This Fishbone Soap Dish from Umbra comes in blue. It looks perfect for your son or daughter’s bathroom who just loves fish.

Frog Soap Holder

 Image source: Ali Express

This Frog Soap Holder from Ali Express can be added to your son’s bathroom. For toddlers, they would be amused that this frog is holding their soap bars like candy and is even watching it. That frog knows how to hold soap!

Glaze Dark Blue Soap Dish

 Image source: Shanware

This Glaze Dark Blue Soap Dish looks heavy yet it will neatly hold your soap into place. Choose the perfect spot for it and it will look elegant and classy.

Ivory Soap Dish

 Image source: World Market

This Ivory Whale Soap Dish from World Market would look familiar to those who have read the story of Jonah in the bible, the man who was swallowed by a giant whale. If you aren’t, this whale would still look great in your bathroom and your soap will safely rest in the whale’s mouth.

Marble and Wood Soap Dish

 Image source: World Market

This Marble and Wood Soap Dish is another wonderful and unique design from World Market. Depending on your bathroom’s theme, this would look really nice due to its neutral colors.

My Offering White Soap Dish

 Image source: Amazon

My Offering White Soap Dish which can be availed of at Amazon looks simple yet it screams of “use me”. It is literally offering your soap for easy access and use.

Orbit Ceramic Soap Dish

 Image source: Amara

This Soap Dish from Amara looks neat and clean. In fact, once you have used up your soap bar, you can recycle the saved liquid soap at the bottom, put them in a bottle and use you can still use them when washing your hands. It saves you money!

Teak Wooden Soap Dish

 Image source: Impressions in Decor

This Teak Wooden Soap dish would look perfect in spas or hot spring bathrooms. If you happen to run one, then don’t hesitate to get this type of soap dish.

Wall Mounted Antique Brass Finish Soap Dish

 Image source: Ali Express

This Wall Mounted Soap Dish from Ali Express looks classy and clean. You can mount it inside a white shower room or bathroom.