20 Cute and Colorful Wall Mount Clocks for Kid’s Bedroom

20 Cute and Colorful Wall Mount Clocks for Kid’s Bedroom

Telling the time is much more fun with style. Being able to tell the time is just as important as knowing your next appointment or the next person you’ll be meeting with. Clocks, in whatever shapes or sizes they are in, are very useful wherever you are. Even when you are in your kid’s bedroom playing or studying, you’ll never know when you’ll need to check the time. When your kids are taking medicine, for example, you also need to know what is the next schedule for him or her to take medicine. Of course, teaching your child how to tell the time at a young age is also very good. We have gathered some fun and colorful wall mount clocks for your kid’s bedroom to inspire you to design his or her room and teach her how to tell the time with fun.

Angry Birds Contemporary Kids Wall Mount Clock

 Image source: Qd Lake

Angry Birds is a phenomenal game that kids love playing on their ipads, tablets or their parent’s smartphones. They would surely love a wall mounted clock in an Angry Bird design in their bedrooms.

Awesome and Cute Big Blue Dinosaur Wall Clock

 Image source: Orlili

This Cute Big Blue Dinosaur Wall Clock is perfect for both girls’ and boys’ bedrooms. This cute design is very friendly and will match any kind of bedroom or study room.

Bamboo Crab Clock

 Image source: Etsy

Made of a durable and nice material, this Bamboo Crab clock will stand out in a blue painted room or a room with solid color walls.

Blue Bus Kids Wall Clock

 Image source: Qd Lake

This Blue Bus Wall Clock looks similar with one of the cars in the movie “Cars”. It would fit nicely in the kindergarten room or inside your boy’s bedroom.

Colorful Children’s Wall Clock with Owl Motiff

 Image source: Clock View

This fancy wall clock design is a very nice piece. It has a laminated design which looks very artistic and feminine.

Colorful Felt Children’s Wall Clock

 Image source: Clock View

If you’re teaching your kiddo how to read the time, well he or she could use a colorful wall clock with very large numbers such as this design from Clock View.

Colorful Polka Dotted Wall Clock

 Image source: Etsy

This Colorful Polka Dotted Wall Clock is a fun and interesting pattern. It also looks chic and girls would love it in their bedroom.

Cupcake Pink Wall Clock for Kids

 Image source: Clock View

How about adding a tasteful treat inside your girl’s bedroom? This sweet looking cupcake is something that every girl will love. Plus it is also complete with the 12-hour numbers.

Diamantini and Domeniconi Apple Wall Clock

 Image source: John Lewis

This Green Apple Wall Clock from John Lewis is a classy and neat design. If your family loves apple products and your son or daughter has an ipad, then be consistent and add this wall clock design in his or her bedroom.

Disney Princess Kids Wall Clock

 Image source: Great Kids Bedroom

Little girls love to imagine themselves as being Disney Princesses. Well, this wall clock will fit in perfectly in your little girl’s pink princess bedroom.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Kids Wall Clock

 Image source: Great Kids Bedrooms

Talking more about favorites, kids also love the charm of Winnie the Pooh and his best friend Tigger. This wall clock will add more charm and fun in your child’s bedroom.

Fairy with Stars Wall Clock

 Image source: Ali Express

Does your child like Tinkerbell or simply anything that glitters? This beautiful Fairy with Stars Wall Clock will surely add charm to your girl’s bedroom and make her love time-checking.

Girly Bike Shape Wall Clock

 Image source: Squidoo

Bikes- that sounds like vintage. This Bike Wall Clock design will add a chic look to your child’s bedroom and she’ll definitely check the time with style.

Kids Butterfly Wall Clocks

 Image source: Clock View

Children love colorful butterflies and if a clock is in that design, it would surely look great and admirable and would definitely complete a colorful kids bedroom.

Kinder Homes Animal Wall Clock

 Image source: BabyOye

This Cute Kinder Homes Animal Wall Clock would is a cute and kid friendly design. The baby blue color will blend in a light colored room or will stand out in a white painted bedroom.

Learn How to Read Time Kid’s Wall Clock

 Image source: Amazon

This design is among the best designs you can put in your kid’s bedroom when he or she is learning how to tell the time. It also has some text guides so he or she can remember easily.

Lion Shape Yellow Orange Kids Wall Clock

 Image source: Evtiel

Lion’s are fierce animals but nonetheless, most kids are amazed by their beauty. This nice yellow orange design is a nice piece for a lion lover kid.

Pink and Brown Lady Bugs Kid’s Wall Clock

 Image source: Nany Crafts

Of course, kids would also love seeing their names on the walls. Why not put up her name on her wall clock design? This design consists of colorful ladybugs and a personalized name.

Pink Minnie Mouse Wall Clock

 Image source: Orlili

Mickey and Minnie mouse are classic characters that kids never stopped loving. This wonderful clock design will look nice in a girl’s pink bedroom. The numbers are also big enough for her to practice telling the time from a distance.

Wooden Wall Clock For Kids Room With Retro Blue Cat

 Image source: Qd Lake

This Wooden Wall Clock for Kids Room with Retro Blue clock is kid friendly. It would look nice in both a girl or boy’s bedroom. It is also a hand-painted design.