10 Interesting and Fun Bathroom Area Rugs

10 Interesting and Fun Bathroom Area Rugs

The accessories for the bathroom may seem an easy and not important part in the process of creating a functional bathroom, but they have a major role in providing the interior with neatness and also enhancing its the aesthetic. The bathroom rug will not only protect the bathroom floor from the water but will also contribute in providing the bathroom with interesting and lively ambiance. The bathroom rug can stand magnificently in the bathroom and its presence is beneficial for the bathroom in any aspects. Bathroom rugs come in a wide range of materials, sizes, colors and designs and each can have a specific role in providing the bathroom with cool accent. We gathered some interesting, worth to mention bathroom rugs that may stand perfectly in your bathroom. Check them out!

Bright orange and pink shag rug

Image Source: Sous Style

The bohemian rug with shag nature has injected color and style in this rustic and cool bathroom. The vintage nature of the rug provides the rustic bathroom with warm and lively feel.

Brown and Blue Bathroom Rug

Image Source: Design Style Ideas

The big blue flower print pop in midst of dark brown and creamy beige and provides this bathroom with vibrant ambiance and lively appearance.

Colorful Striped Bathroom Rug

Image Source: hac0

Striped bathroom rugs are perfect for creating an inviting and perky appearance in the bathroom. These upbeat colorful striped bathroom rugs set with plain white visual frame adds ecstatic touch in the casual bathroom.

Image Source: Rachel Ray

This bathroom rug is actually handmade and has a utterly bright and lively nature. The shag design of the rug adds light motif in the bathroom and stands out gorgeously.

Floral Bathroom Rug

Image Source: wallmart

The floral print on the dark purple foundation of this bathroom rug creates really charming and beautiful ambiance in the bathroom, its lively and perky design work as a focal point in the interior and as a main charmer in the place.

Gray and Yellow Striped Bathroom Rug

Image Source: Walmart

The pastel colors of this amazing grayish bathroom striped rug will surely work for providing the bathroom with beautiful and modern appearance.

Green Shag Bathroom Rug

Image Source: Decoration0

The grass green color of this bathroom rugs are the formula for freshness in the bathroom. Their perky and vibrant nature will open up the bathroom and provide it with clean eco appearance.

Lively Pom Pom Bathroom Rugs

Image Source: Etsy

Pom Pom rugs are perfect for the bathroom interior, their appearance is funky and lively and they will surely create groovy feel in the bathroom.

Modern Red Bathroom Rug

Image Source:Interior Design

This cute red cube shag rug may look small but has a big influence in providing the bathroom with chic modern accent and nice contemporary touch.

White Shag Area Rug

Image Source: Pinsta

Adding a flokati white rug in the bathroom is a bold and smart move to provide the bathroom with soft and beautiful feel.