10 Practical Bathroom Basket Organizers

10 Practical Bathroom Basket Organizers

Are you tired of spending so much buying storage boxes just to organize the things in your house? We all know that regardless of how big or small your space is, it is important that your place is organized. A space doesn’t always look perfect but if it is organized, it already seems enough. It looks simple and clean. Well, there are various things that you can do to be practical when it comes to organizing. You can save more money and spend less with the use of wicker baskets. They are not as expensive as buying a factory manufactured plastic closet or wooden cabinets. They are cheaper compared to other kinds of furniture. To give you an idea of what we are talking about, here are 10 Practical Bathroom Basket Organizers for your bathroom.

5 Brown Wicker Storage Boxes

 Image source: Amazon

This 5 Brown Wicker Basket with a steel frame is very functional and sturdy. You can classify your towels from rolls of tissue paper, and so on.

6 Bathroom Basket Storage with Label

 Image source: Imom

These wall mounted baskets are space savers just like floating shelves. Your things will be more accessible when you need them.

Black Wood with Black Maize Storage Baskets

 Image source: Wilko

If your bathroom is in a dark shade, then you can add this Black Wood with Black Maize Storage Baskets to complete your organizing essentials in the bathroom.

Cool Curved Dark Rattan For Magazine Basket Design Idea

 Image source: Rude Dog Designs

Are you fond of reading while sitting on the holy porcelain? Well, most of us do, because we know we can use that idle time to get more information into our brains. Organize those magazines with this rattan magazine basket from Rude Dog Designs.

Created Baskets Turned Into Wall Mounted Shelves

 Image source: Skroutz on Deck

Do you love floating shelves? Well, you can readily create them using wicker baskets. With the right kind of adhesion materials, you can create floating shelves without the use of hammers and nails.

Creative Brown Basket Storage Design

 Image source: Little Put

You might have seen this bench in spas. This is where you can also store magazines and other things and this is perfect for common or family bathrooms where you can separate your things from the things of the other family members.

Organized Basket in Open Shelf

 Image source: Km Decor

If you have a shelf in your bathroom or an open space such as in this design by Km Decor, then you can add some baskets for added organization. It will also be easier to look for things because you can classify them with these boxes.

Traditional Rattan Baskets Cubby Towel Storage

 Image source: Ghoofie

This Cubby Towel Storage, although it doesn’t have wheels, is easily movable around the bathroom or even around the house. It is made of light weight material that you can transfer to your guests bedroom just in case he will be needing it.

Wall Basket Storage Ideas

 Image source: Building Scheme

This Wall Basket Storage Idea is really awesome because it saves space and provides an easy access and does not get in the way because it is situated at the back of the door.

Wicker Basket Storage Idea

 Image source: Archi Homes

This Wicker Basket Storage Idea can store all your essentials for a nice bath such as your towels, bath salts, candles. Just place them on floating shelves or under the sink and you are good to go.