10 Shower Caddies for Bathroom Corners

10 Shower Caddies for Bathroom Corners

Organizing your things can sometimes be difficult. When you see that your bathroom is a mess, you do not know where to start. You have to scrub the floor and there are so many things on your sink, you get confused whether you are inside your bathroom or looking at your fridge. Well, things could get confusing inside the bathroom especially if you belong to a big family. Each family member has their own preference with regard to the toiletries and products that they use in taking a bath, so yes, it could always get messy inside a family bathroom. Well, you do not have to wake up every day and deal with all that mess before you take a shower. The start of your day should just be as awesome as the smell of your shampoo. Here are 10 shower caddies that you can get from your local store to get some organizing in your bathroom started.

Mentor Bathroom Caddy

 Image source: Nest Homes

Here is a pre-installed bathroom caddy which you can simply have your architect install it. If you don’t have it in your bathroom, you can hire someone to add this in the corner of your bathroom since this task is pretty simple. The best option would be to match the caddy to the tiles of your bathroom. The design should allow the water to drain. We don’t want water in this type of permanent caddy.

Outstanding Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

 Image source: Hammacher

This stainless steel shower caddy would look neat in any kind of bathroom. It has three levels, therefore, you can assign a level for each family member. Since it is a caddy stand, you can place it in any corner of your bathroom and you can even move it on another corner, whichever will make you feel comfortable.

Simple Corner Shower Caddy

 Image source: Zjsnbxg

For singles or people living in apartments, this caddy is just right for you. It doesn’t take up too much space since it is in the corner and there are two levels, enough for your own needs.

Stainless Steel Anodized Aluminum Caddy

 Image source: Simple Human

This Steel Aluminum Caddy from Simple Human looks very classy and functional. Its color will match any kind of bathroom. You do not have to worry about it rusting because, again, it is stainless aluminum. Perfect!

Steel Three Level Caddy

 Image source: Amazon

This Steel Aluminum Caddy has a snug fit in the corner. Another stainless one, you do not have to worry about it getting rusty. The bars are closely placed in each level to prevent your items from falling, plus there is railing guard so that your toiletries don’t fall off accidentally. You don’t want to break or spill anything, right?

Teak Corner Bath Shelf with Curve

 Image source: Signature Hardware

For bathrooms which have an oriental touch, this Teak Wooden shelf would look perfect in your bathroom. It will match the oriental and relaxing style of it.

Tub and Shower Tension Pole Caddy

 Image source: Hay Needle

Not only is this nice looking caddy an organizer, it also has a soap holder. Basically, everything goes in there, so you don’t have to bother buying another soap holder. If you use several products, then you can opt to have another soap holder and put it into one of those levels.

Wenko Telescopic Shower Corner Element in Stainless Steel

 Image source: World Stores Bathrooms

This elegant, shining caddy looks awesome against a black walled bathroom. Just like diamonds worn over a black gown, this caddy looks outstanding against the black tiles, with the added effect of your showers of course!

Small Easy to Install Corner Caddy

 Image source: Ebay

Here is a very easy to install caddy. You only need to put on the suction and attach it to the wall. Be careful in choosing the product and the suctions though because some of them easily get removed after sometime. Of course, since it is easy to install, it also comes in a cheap price.

Wooden Bamboo Bathroom Corner Shelf

 Image source: Home Makers Online

Last, but not the least, here is a reliable wooden caddy. This time it is made of bamboo, it is very smooth and strong and would be great for your outdoor bathrooms.