15 Aromatic Bathrooms with Candle Design

15 Aromatic Bathrooms with Candle Design

Wouldn’t it be nice to end your day with a nice and long aromatic bubble bath? Every employee out there deserves a great way to end his or her day. Reward yourself with a wonderful aromatic bathroom that is sure to relax and calm your senses. Not are they only aromatic but also romantic when you want to spend a nice evening with your partner. It always is great to go home to a sumptuous dinner and a candle lit bathroom with fragrant scents awaiting your entry. You can always design your bathroom like a spa so that you don’t have to spend just to have a relaxing time. You can make your bathroom smell and feel like you are in a spa in your very own home. Here are 15 great ways you can design your bathroom with the use of candles.

Aromatic Bathroom with Candles and Petals

 Image source: Xpressmag

One common way that you can make your bathroom aromatic is by placing a group of candles on the corner of your bathtub and adding some fragrant petals on your tub.

Beautiful Circle Bathtub with Brown Seat

 Image source: Joetin

This awesome Beautiful Circle Bathtub with Brown Seat has a very relaxing view of the sea. The interior itself very majestic and would, perhaps, make you feel like a queen taking her bath.

Classic Themed Romantic Spa Bathroom with Candle Decoration and Fireplace Idea

 Image source: Nobswall

In this design from Nobswall, we love the mix of candle sizes. You can see the tall and giant candles next to the fireplace and the small floating candles next to the tub. Finally, the candle chandelier completes the overall classic look of this bathroom.

Gorgeous Romantic Open Plan Bathroom with White Round Acrylic Bathtub

 Image source: Brink Rad

This Gorgeous and Romantic Open Plan is a perfect design for people who live next to the beach. Do not make a mistake of making a wall but, instead, use glass for a beautiful sight of the sea.

Inspiring Purple Bath in Sleek Design

 Image source: Trypei

Before you even start thinking about your bathroom design, be sure that you have a good choice for your bathtub. It is very much a determining factor for the look of your bathroom. In this design from Trypei, small candles were utilized to decorate the side of the tub.

Luxurious Bathroom Design with Fireplace and Brown Bath Tub

 Image source: Raguke

This Luxurious Bathroom Design with a fireplace is purely awesome. The firewall is built in and matches the interior of the bathroom.

Relaxing Modern Black and White Bathroom with Candle Lights

 Image source: Vang Viet

With the lights off, this how a Relaxing Modern Black and White Bathroom looks like. When the moon is out, it streams through the windows giving it a natural night light effect. The candles are used for an added romantic effect.

Relaxing Small Wooden Tub with Candle Lights

 Image source: Xpressmag

This Relaxing Small Wooden Bathtub with Candle Lights is designed for the yuppies who live alone. We love how the candles serve as the only light in this bathroom. It feels like you’re inside a spa.

Rich and Relaxing Bath with Aromatic Candle

 Image source: Bcanes

We love the neat design of this Rich and Relaxing Bath from with Aromatic Candle from Bcanes. The floating shelf is very functional and the white bathtub is sleek.

White Oval Bathtub with Candles connected to Outdoors

 Image source: Xpressmag

This White Oval Bathtub with Candles is very refreshing to the mind and soul. After a nice warm and relaxing bath, you can get dressed and just lounge outdoors and read a book.

Black Rose on Wall Bathroom Paint with Awesome Lighting from Candle Around Brown Bathtub

 Image source: yuehuacn

We consider this bathroom with a black rose painted on the wall very unique. You can rarely see bathrooms in dark shades, but this bathroom looks totally elegant, classy and romantic.

Extraordinary Large Bathroom Designs with Ceramic White Bathtub and Glazed Wall and Candle Ornament

 Image source: Momtoob

The glazed wall of this bathroom design from Momtoob makes this bathroom look really cozy and relaxing. It’s as though you can fall asleep while bathing. The colors of the petals, candles and the flowers add color and tenderness to the bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom Decoration with Candles

 Image source: Decozilla

There are a lot of elements which make this bathroom stunning. We have the use of wooden elements and accessories such as the decorative hand and a long, brown, metallic vase. As you can see, the candles are mounted on a wall decoration which is absolutely perfect.

Unique Bathroom with Candle Light Entry Way Design

 Image source: Rmeeq

This tiled bathroom in a neutral color looks perfect as it is illuminated by candles. There is a built in tiled bath tub and two sinks in white. Remove the candlelight effect and you will not have the same beauty compared to using candle lights.

Wooden Flooring In Awesome Bathroom Design with Candle Lights

 Image source: Puckdrawn

Last, but definitely, not the least is this spacious bathroom from Puckdrawn which utilizes candles as decoration on the bathroom steps leading to the tub. Of course, the rose petals also complete this bathroom decoration which adds a romantic touch to it.