15 Awe-Inspiring Bathrooms with Wooden Bathtub

15 Awe-Inspiring Bathrooms with Wooden Bathtub

Wooden bathtub will surely enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom and bring up your bathroom experience to a new advanced level. A wooden bathtub is perfect for creating a natural and yet exotic and dream interior in the bathroom. Wooden bathtub will work for a great, captivating accent and focal point in the bathroom. It is not a surprise why a wooden bathtub can bring unique, relaxing and warm feel in the bathroom, since the materials from the nature always act as a relaxing element in the interiors. The wooden bathtub may sure add a smooth and unique feel in the bathroom and provide it with charming and warm accent. If you were feeling like your bathroom needs a new treatment, then a wooden bathtub will be perfect for that occasion. Check out the below showcase of 15 captivating wooden bathtubs that may serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Contemporary Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: Bath in Wood

This single wooden bathtub with steel facet may be a real treat in your bathroom. The sleek finished walnut of this bath tub adds a contemporary and modern accent and may provide the bathroom with charming and relaxing character.

Dark Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: Travel and Leisure

This dark walnut bath tub will surely stand out in the bathroom and create a wondrous and splendid ambiance. The wooden bath tub experience will surely add a huge modern statement in the bathroom.

Deep Sealed Hard Maple Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: Bath in Wood

The built in wooden bath tub made of hard maple looks light and natural in this small bathroom. The natural wood bath tub will surely add a light and natural accent in the bathroom.

Dramatic Wooden Bathtub

Image Source:Miobuenosaries

The rough and creative design of this walnut wooden bath tub adds a bold and dramatic character and will definitely stand out in the bathroom and work for a unique and daring ambiance.

Lacquer Dark Walnut Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: Beckwith Interiors

The sleek lacquer wood of this walnut bathtub adds an elegant and luxurious note to the same. The oval design in combination with the dark color of the bathtub will surely add a dramatic and elegant ambiance in the bathroom.

Mahogany Wooden Bathub

Image Source: Bath in Wood

This beautiful wooden bath tub will surely work as a great accent in the bathroom and provide it with the outstanding and bold appearance. The sleek and contemporary design of this wooden bath tub is flawless.

Modern American Walnut Bathtub

Image Source: Unique Wood

This is a really outstanding and statement bath tub made of American walnut with boat floor finishing and amazingly sleek appearance. This bathtub may fit perfectly in both minimalist and classic bathrooms.

Modern Light Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: DesignBlue, Inc.

The distinctive structure of this beautiful light oak bathtub will surely make a statement in the bathroom and provide it with the natural and beautiful appearance.

Natural Light Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: FreshHome

A tall wooden bath tub with amazing design may fit perfectly in every minimalist and contemporary bathroom. This is a really one in a kind bath tub that will act as a strike point in the place.

Oval Walnut wooden Bathtub

Image Source:Unique Wood

The oval design of this tall wooden bath tub will work for creating a beautiful and dream appearance in the bathroom. A bath tub like this will surely provide you with a spa treatment in your bathroom.

Rustic Vintage Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: Marie Meko, Allied ASID

The vintage design of this barrel inspired bath tub will provide your bathroom with vintage and beautiful appearance. This unique bath tub can surely act as a main charmer in the bathroom.

Sleek Oak Wooden Bathtub

Image Source:Unique Wood

The light oak wooden bath tub with sleek appearance is the perfect element for creating a modern and contemporary ambiance in the bathroom.

Sleek Single Wooden bathtub

Image Source:Alegna

This single wooden bathtub with captivating and modern design will surely work for creating an elegant and modern appearance in your bathroom.

Stylish Wooden Bathtub

Image Source: Buzz Buzz Home

Stylish wooden bath tub with warm nature will add an earthy and natural scent in your bathroom and provide it with cozy and yet modern appearance.

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