15 Bathroom Lighting Ideas

15 Bathroom Lighting Ideas

We all know in production and even in the simplest circumstances in life, that lighting really makes a difference in setting the mood of the room. Dim the lights and you feel sleepy, turn the lights to red and you imagine romance, switch up the lights to blue and you feel like you’re underwater. Name it! You can achieve it with the use of the right kind of lighting. We love to spend long hours in the bathroom especially when it is a holiday and it’s pretty cold outside. Given this fact, our bathrooms must always look good and comfortable and with the right kind of lighting. Check out these different lighting ideas that you can use for your own bathrooms.

Hanging Lamps Lighting Bathroom Idea

 Image source: Groovexi

These hanging lamps don’t only deserve a place in the cabin but they can also be placed inside the bathroom. With the use of these lamps, you can achieve a bit of tradition and a not-so-bright type of lighting.

Wide Effect Bathroom Lighting

 Image source: Groovexi

As you can see, this type of lighting from Groovexi gives a different kind of effect to this tiled bathroom. It makes this bathroom look wider because the shape of the light is also like an umbrella showing off a widening effect in the room.

Suprising Elegant Bathroom Lighting

 Image source: Koverkrete

This surprising lighting idea from Koverkrete looks wonderful with its different layers. It is almost similar to the one we saw earlier but check out those layers that really make a difference in the bathroom.

Single Light Bathroom Fixture in Blue Green Mosaic Bathroom

 Image source: Ididi

Mosaic isn’t that peaceful to look at, see, mosaic is actually a very artistic kind of design which breaks the monotony we get from solid colors inside a room. Using mosaic can also enhance the walls of the bathroom and avoid them from looking flat. Meanwhile, a single wall lamp and another near the bathtub illuminates the mosaic which presents its color in a very natural way, making it look really attractive.

Retro Bathroom Lighting Idea

 Image source: Simple Form

If you are looking forward to making your bathroom a bit laid back, you can try this retro design by Simple Form. Add some retro design to your walls by using black and white stripes. You can also use other dark hues to match white. Be sure they are dark colors if you want to achieve a laid back style.

Outstanding Modern Fixtures Wall Lamps

 Image source: Groovexi

Brighten up your bathroom with these rectangular light fixtures that complement the square tiles. They contribute to brightening up the room and enhances the over all look of it.

Hanging Teardrop Light Bulb

 Image source: Toveren

Aside from the hanging tear drop light bulb in this bathroom lighting inspiration from Toveren, you can also see that the ceiling has a modern light lining which makes the room less darker than it would have been if only the tear drop light bulbs were present. We do not want a bathroom that is too dark right?

Fabulous Bathroom Lighting Design

 Image source: Tn173

Add yellow lights to your bathroom to dim it a bit. When white lights are too bright for you, this kind of light fixture is perfect. You can just have one set set up in your bathroom and you’re good to go.

Elegant Bathroom Lighting

 Image source: Rusted Away

Aside from the wonderful stone wall design in this bathroom which makes it look all classy, the lighting fixture is just perfect. Those flower like lights add class to this bathroom and not to forget the light at the back of the mirror. That’s a great way to see your whole self in there.

Dim Lighting In Dark Bathroom Lighting Idea

 Image source: Fanelis

This nice and minimalist bathroom from Fanelis is perfectly lit. There are two way lights which make the bathroom averagely bright. If you decide to use dark shades for the floor, use just the right kind amount of light to make it look just elegant.

County Style Bathroom Lighting

 Image source: Redefining Federalism

Notice the use of flesh colored tiles and wood in this bathroom. Granite is used for the sink counter top. We can say that those colors are perfect so that even with just a couple of wall lamps such as these, the room is already bright enough.

Cool Bathroom Lighting Fixture

 Image source: Let Just Chat NYC

This modern fixture from Let Just Chat NYC only gives off a little light because of its smoky glass design. You might need additional lighting to show off the modern beauty of this living room.

Bright and Shiny Bathroom Lighting

 Image source: Dee Houzz

With a gigantic mirror and this kind of lighting from Dee Houzz, your bathroom would look relaxing and enchanting at the same time.

Beautiful Modern Light Fixture

 Image source: Archi Homes

Mesmerize your guests with this wonderful lighting fixture from Archi Homes. They look like silver bubbles on top of you.

Awesome Bathroom Lighting in Yellow and Violet

 Image source: Top Home Ideas

Yellow and purple- those are two colors that would always look like full of life in a room. These vibrant colors will make your bathroom look relaxing and pleasing to one’s eye.