15 Beautiful Bathrooms with Stained Glass Windows

15 Beautiful Bathrooms with Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows not only add style to the bathroom but also gives some privacy and style. Because stained glass can be designed in many different ways, the buyer or designer can have it customized according their desires. Compared to other glass windows, stained glass tends to dim the room a little bit and adds color to the light that is produced. Of course, it also adds some classic effect to the room. If that is the kind of effect that you want to achieve, then check out these beautiful stained glass windows that you can have installed in your bathroom.

Aquatic Theme Bathroom Window

 Image source: Vintage Glass Studio

To complete the look of your aquatic bathroom, you might want to consider using stained glass for your windows. This stained glass is in a seaweed design and is colored blue.

Beautiful Floral Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Custom Stained Glass Houston

This beautiful stained glass window looks very colorful and adds life to something that used to be so dull and boring. In addition to that, it also conceals the view from the inside so your privacy is maintained while you are taking a bath.

Blue Waves Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Painted Light Glass

This nice wave stained glass window looks refreshing and relaxing when placed in the bathroom. It looks great when the sunlight hits it, giving off a blue tint and makes the room look a bit dim.

Coconut Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Cm Static

This Coconut Stained Glass Window reminds you of the beach, doesn’t it? Naturally, if put inside your bathroom, it will look refreshing. All you need to do is add some scent which will remind you of the beach and you would definitely want to hit the beach again.

Elegant Stained Glass Bathroom Window

 Image source: Spectrum Stained Glass Window

This Elegant Stained Glass Bathroo Window looks elegant due to the dark colors that it has. Also, the design makes this bathroom look more feminine with the use of curvy stems and flowers.

Faux Stained Glass Vinyl

 Image source: Our Fifth House

A nicely done stained glass window is this one from Our Fifth House. Here we can see an almost opaque design with a dominant blue color making the design look nice and relaxing to the eyes.

Magical Oval Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Boehm Stained Glass

This Magical Stained Glass Window reminds you of the series “Charmed” doesn’t it? Add some magical touch to your bathroom by having a stained glass window with a similar design installed to it.

Multi-Colored Square Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Static Square Space

This Multi-colored Stained Glass Window offers a mix of vibrant colors and gives an almost opaque look. It also dims the bathroom and gives a romantic feel to it.

Obscure Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Sans Soucie

Just outside this stained glass window are some trees that look nice when viewed form the inside. Since this kind of stained glass obscures the view outside, it makes the trees look like it was painted with green.

Octagon Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Painted Light Glass

This Octagon Stained Glass Window looks like the galaxy. It has some silver, blue, dark violet and maroon. This kind of stained glass window may be appropriate for a boy’s bedroom who simply loves science.

Privacy Glass Beveled Window

 Image source: Stained Glass Craftsman

This Nice Beveled Window also gives some privacy in the room. It’s design is quite simple yet classy and would look great in a master’s bathroom.

Scottish Stained Glass

 Image source: Assets Asid

Add some relaxing mint green accent to your bathroom with this stained glass window from Assets Asid. This nice simple design adds a bit of color to your simple bathroom.

Symmetrical Rectangular Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Granite Gurus

For bathrooms that are wide and spacious, this stained glass window design would cover up for the wide space on the top part of your bathroom. To cut the monotonous look that a pure tiled bathroom looks, then this design would do you good.

Tulip Square Stained Glass Window

 Image source: Something Like That

This Tulip Stained Square Glass Window also looks feminine and beautiful for a ladies bathroom. The cool colors adds to the graceful look of a tulip.

Vintage Manhattan Stained Glass Plate

 Image source: Cm Static

This Vintage Manhattan Stained Glass Plate from Cm Static is a unique piece. It combines straight lines and shapes but most of all, emphasizes on those three circular plates making it look bold.