15 Bold Bathroom Designs with Concrete Walls

15 Bold Bathroom Designs with Concrete Walls

The appearance of the bathroom depends on many things such as : the appliances, the layout, the color scheme and stuff like that. But lets face it, nothing can determine the appearance of the bathroom better than the walls and its material and nature. Therefore, today we have a special treat for all of you who enjoy the unconventional and unique interiors: bathrooms with concrete wall. The concrete material just naturally creates a super distinctive and bold ambiance in every interior, so is the case with the bathroom. Bathroom with concrete walls most likely tend to look super distinctive, reflecting sensual and bold ambiance. The raw and bold nature of the concrete can help you to enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom and create a super bold and inspiring interior. We’ve gathered a showcase of 15 Bold Bathrooms with Concrete Walls which could serve as inspiration and provide you with some cool ideas. Enjoy!

Beautiful Bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source:sfxit

The diminish and rustic nature of this vibrant bathroom is due to the super bold and dramatic presence of the concrete. The concrete has created a really sophisticated and tremendously chic foundation in this amazingly modern gloomy bathroom. The rough character of the concrete adds a lovely bold charm in this bathroom.

Bold Bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source:Architectural Polka

Wow! This bathroom is just outstandingly charming and distinctive. The plain concrete work as a super bold and dramatic foundation, while the wood beams and stainless steel bathtub just bring a modern and unique quirk in the place, subliming a super bold and distinctive overall appearance.

Bright Bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source:voldor

The combination of the concrete and the natural wood motifs add a really cozy and balanced ambiance in this super cheery and charming concrete bathroom.The wide window adds natural sunlight and iluminates the dark concrete reflecting a super modern and cool ambiance in this beautiful bathroom.

Chic Bathroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: parkav

We love the rustic charm of this super distinctive and cool bathroom with concrete walls. The concrete bathtub along with a concrete floating shelve creates a strong visual effect and perfect focal point in the utterly dramatic and bold bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source:japanese trash

Less is always more, right? – You can notice by yourself that concrete wall is enough for creating the super bold and architecturally advanced appearance of this amazing bathroom. The dark bathtub positioned on the center of the bathroom strikes through the concrete and provide the place with ultra modern and contemporary outlook.

Cool Bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: nidah spa

So cool and unique, right? The overall appearance of this bathroom is utterly cool and interesting and the concrete wall just creates the super bold foundation and provides the place with sharp and industrial touch. We love the cone shaped bathroom sinks that also froma bare concrete.

Dark Concrete Bathroom

Image Source: House To home

The all concrete bathroom screams super cool and dramatic vibes. The designer of this bathroom was incredibly bold to create a entire bathroom out of concrete. We especially love the built in concrete shelve that creates an interesting visual effect in the place. The gray decorative mirror works as a great decorative element in the place.

De Luxe Bathroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: snuut

The galley layout of the bathroom along with the combination of natural wood and concrete creates a super natural and bold appearance of this tremendously inspiring bathroom. The bold concrete walls create the dynamic and vibrant ambiance in the place, while the natural wood motifs soothe down the excessive dynamic.

Japanese Bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Japanese Trash

We totally love the concrete stand alone statement wall, it creates a superb focal point and a distinctive visual effect in this Japanese inspired bathroom. The wood paneled walls have a soothing effect and provide the place with warm and cozy vibe.

Luxury Bathroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: House to Home

Hats off to the designer of this tremendously bold bathroom, really it’s magnificent. The attic, the dark concrete, the oval stand alone tub and the eclectic ottoman chair sublimed with a classy chandelier create a super bold and awe-inspiring appearance of this bathroom interior.

Minimalist Concrete Bathroom

Image Source:Homedit

This concrete bathroom has a specific masculine note to it that is clearly visible. The light shade of the concrete soothe down the excessive dynamic and provides the place with cool and bold appearance. we love how the designer has incorporated the minimalist setting with the concrete wall.

Modern Bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: cultivor

The concrete wall in combination with the glass shower creates the super contemporary and modern ambiance in this utterly bright and beautiful bathroom. We love the rough texture of the concrete walls, it creates a nice and noisy visual effect in the bathroom.

Natural bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Convert In Ga Church

We love the calm and tranquil perk of this beautiful and bright bathroom decorated with textured concrete, it looks really captivating and super relaxing. The black floor flower vase strikes through the concrete and creates a nice high contrast effect in the place.

Rustic Bathroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source:Homedit

How cool is the stone bathroom sink striking on the bare concrete wall, pretty much, right? The overall appearance of this concrete bathroom is super rustic and modern.

Spa Inspired Bathroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: bein Interior Decorator

The blend of a sleek furniture and rough concrete wall create a truly balanced and beautiful ambiance in this spa inspired bathroom. The glass wall brings natural sunlight and creates the cheery and bright ambiance in the place.