15 Bold Bathroom Designs with Unusual Color Scheme

15 Bold Bathroom Designs with Unusual Color Scheme

Usually, homeowners tend to pick conventional color scheme for the bathroom, a color scheme that will most commonly reflect clean and airy ambiance. However, there are also people who are not afraid to be bold enough and to choose what they really want in the bathroom regardless of how uncommon that is. Creating a color blend of unusual shades can result with a super vibrant and dashingly cool and cheery ambiance in the bathroom. If you want to create bold bathroom with dramatic and lively ambiance, than you are on the right place to be. We dedicate this article to all of the people who want to s find some bold ideas of unconventional color combination for the bathroom interior. We’ve gathered a showcase of super bold and dashingly dramatic bathroom designs with unusual color scheme which may serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Black and Brown Bathroom

Image Source: Design Interior Art

Black and brown are not the most common combination, but you can conclude by yourself that they complement each other perfectly and create a balanced and modern appearance. The brown soothes the heaviness from the black and add natural touch to the bathroom, while the black strikes with bold and dynamic energy.

Black and Yellow Bathroom

Image Source: Sky Designs

Black and yellow and partners in crime for creating a chic and dramatic ambiance in the bathroom. The black creates a dramatic and strong aesthetic appearance while the yellow has a soothing effect and provides the place with bright and cheery ambiance. Perfect combination for a bold bathroom.

Blue and Yellow Bathroom

Image Source:Digs Digs

Blue and yellow are both primary colors, while one is warm and the other cold, so together they are perfect match for creating a balanced and relaxed ambiance in the bathroom. The blue brings freshness and the yellow brights up the place and adds warm and cozy feel.

Green and Blue Bathroom

Image Source:Digs Digs

These two vibrant and perky colors matched together create a splash of freshness and vibrant ambiance in the bathroom interior. The designer of this bathroom has matched this shades in a perfect and modern way in order to attain a visually superb and fresh bathroom.

Green and Yellow Bathroom

Image Source: D- Marcha

Green and yellow go great together in the bathroom interior, both are peaceful and fresh colors and matched together they create a dashingly relaxing and tranquil ambiance. The arrangement in this bathroom is superbly done so the colors can act in both way and create the beautiful appearance.

Orange and Green Bathroom

Image Source: Lushome

Here is an interesting combination of exotic and sensual colors. Green and orange complement each other superbly, in they were people they ‘ll be passionate lovers. The funkiness from the orange is balanced by the calmness of the green, therefore is the balanced and yet vibrant cool ambiance.

Orange and Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Gaif

Orange and blue tend to create a really refreshing and vibrant ambiance in the bathroom. Orange is funky and positive color, while blue is fresh and vibrant, so together they create a super ecstatic and lively ambiance in the bathroom.

Orange and Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Hlm Interior Design

Purple and orange are great for creating a feminine and cute ambiance in the bathroom. Coral orange shade which is used at the example above with a hot purple creates a super charming and bright ambiance in the bathroom.

Pink and Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Hooked On Houses

Pale pink and pale blue can create a bathroom that will look like a cookie. Seriously, look at the example above, how adorable and cute is this bathroom interior. The baby pink brings a cute and love touch to the place, while the blue add vibrant and fresh appearance in the bathroom.

Pink and Green Bathroom

Image Source:Digs Digs

We love how pink and green react together, they create a super fresh and vibrant ambiance. The green adds freshness and calm note, while the pink adds the buzz and provide the place with modern and contemporary appearance.

Purple and Green Bathroom

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Purple and green are perfect for creating a charming and quirky bathroom. They complement each other in a superbly subtle way and create adorable ambiance in the interior.

Purple and Yellow Bathroom

Image Source: Homeathon

Purple and yellow have a super soothing effect in the bathroom, but in the example above they are applied in a really cool and creative way, so they create a modern and vibrant appearance.

Red and Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Ultimate Bath Store

Red and blue is absolutely uncommon color combination, but as you can see it looks great in the bathroom interior. Red adds warm adn sensual ambiance, while the blue splash the place with freshness and cool, vibrant feel.

Red and Green Bathroom

Image Source: Flo hous

The dance of red and green in the bathroom can create a super sensual and exotic ambiance. Even though green is cold color, matched with red it acts super sensual and vibrant adding an ecstatic and fresh vibes to the warm and dynamic red color. Just a perfect combination for modern bathroom.

Yellow and Gray Bathroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

Yellow and gray works perfectly for creating a modern and tranquil bathroom. The yellow is bright, cozy and lively, providing the interior with relaxed and cheery ambiance, while the gray adds a serious and modern touch creating a super contemporary and classy appearance in the place.