15 Captivating Bohemian Bathroom Designs

15 Captivating Bohemian Bathroom Designs

We have talked the Magic of Bohemian Decor, couple of times, we showed you how the majestic blend of mismatched colors and patterns acts in the bedroom, in the living room, and now is the time to take a look of the Bohemian Decor and its influence in the bathroom interior. Due to its whimsical and artistic nature, the bohemian style of decorating may create miracles in the bathroom interior. The bohemian bathroom is most often perky, mystique and sensual, it reflects opulent energy followed by ecstatic and lively ambiance. The bohemian bathroom features usage of a burst of colors, patterns, vintage clawfoot bathtub, ethnic carpet and all that is not convenient and likely for a random bathroom interior. In case you are one of the people who doesn’t aim to be Matchy-Match, and you want the creative chaos followed by amounts of sumptuous and artistic ambiance, then you are going to like what comes next. Below, you can check out a showcase of 15 Captivating Bohemian Bathroom designs, which would take you to insiprative mind trip.

Artistic Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Juxtapost

The ambiance in this Bohemian bathroom is widely set to whimsical and opulent, due to the intriguant and free spirited decor. You can notice a sort of a dimly feel that comes from the sunset yellow walls and matched with the ethnic carpet and valued accent bathtub, followed with distinctive decorative touches and natural sunlight.

Beautiful Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: She got Plenty

A blend of creamy colors, silky finishing, damask wallpaper contrasting a floral red carpet and a white clawfoot bathtub created the bright, vibrant and breezy Bohemian ambiance that prevails in this amazing bathroom.

Blue Boho Bathroom

Image Source: Momtoob

We love the mosaic flowers striking on the turquoise walls, setting up a lively and vibrant ambiance in an already set refreshing and sleek foundation. The minimalist setting of this bathroom is replenished with the rich colored walls and dark wood floor and a blue paint clawfoot bathtub.

Bohemian Chic Bathroom

Image Source: Bhg

You can notice how the vintage floral wallpaper breaks through the white square tiles and acts as a stylish backdrop in this divine bohemian bathroom. The dashing chic elements that has been used in this bathroom, such as the splendid black chandelier, ravishing red vanity and golden frame accent mirror has contribute to this bathroom to attain the outstanding bohemian appearance.

Bright Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Unpolished Life

You may wonder why we listed this light and airy bathroom as bohemian. Well, we will tell you why, even this bathroom looks as a regular white bathroom, the ethnic area rug placed on a square print floor tiles creates a perky and bohemian signature in this interior. The quote above the mirror is truly bold and fun.

Charming Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Nosdrift

This bathroom rather looks like a movie set to some heartbreaking romantic drama. You can clearly notice the vintage feel that comes as a curtsey of the pastel pink walls, the vintage glam chandelier illuminating the black clawfoot tub placed on the center of the rustic wood floor and the romantic decorative items such as the bird cave and the rustic wood candle holders.

Cool Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Bad Rituals

This bathroom is reflecting sharp, bold and vibrant ambiance due to the amazing arrangement of dynamic colors, distinctive patterns and vintage elements. The vibrant indigo blue wall with a window in the center creates a dramatic setting in the interior and draws the attention to the black claw foot tub and ethnic area rug.

Feminine Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Live Love Laugh

The pastel colors matched with the ethnic patterns and vintage elements that were perfectly arranged in this bathroom created the charming bohemian ambiance that is clearly dominant in this breezy, feminine bathroom.

Luxury Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Place In The Home

This is a truly lovely and luxurious bohemian bathroom, decorated in a really distinctive and profound manner. The floral curtains along with the matching shower curtain surrounding the clawfoot tub creates a symmetrical and charming setting in the bathroom. The window is providing the place with natural sunlight that soothes the heaviness from the glam chandelier.

Mod Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Vogue

We are truly fascinated by this bathroom interior, that rather looks like a bohemian living room with a bathtub. The base of the bathtub is painted deep blue in order to match the indigo-dyed Japanese mosquito netting curtain that set a lovely sensuality in the interior. The overdyed red carpet sets a nice contrast and provides the place with beautiful and deep vibe.

Moody Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Home Design Update

The beautiful purple bluish wall in combination with a patchwork beige tiles decorating the wall and striking through the intensity of the blue color creates a dazzling ambiance in this bathroom.

Outstanding Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Liza Rachevskaya

The burst of colors and patterns in this bohemian lively bathroom give you the urge to sing and dance to a polka music. The colorful mediterranean floor tiles matching the red clawfoot tub striking on a brighter then the sun bath tiles has created the astonishing and vibrant ambiance in this place.

Quirky Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Beautiful Home Designs

The indigo blue walls in combination with a colorful ethnic art print tiles create a lovely and vibrant ambiance in this beautiful bohemian bathroom.

Vibrant Bohemian Bathroom

Image Source: Zillow

The whimsical blue wallpaper with creative wallpaper is surely the focal point of this bathroom and has created the lovely and charming ambiance of this beautiful place.

Whimsical Boho Bathroom

Image Source: Domienova

The style of this bathroom is extremely bold and colorful. The ethnic patterns the colors, the fabrics, everything about this bohemian bathroom is lively and ecstatic.