15 Catchy Multicolor Tiled Bathroom Designs

15 Catchy Multicolor Tiled Bathroom Designs

What are your thoughts on having a color tiled party in your own bathroom? We have all seen a bathroom design that is complemented with one or maybe two different colors of tiles combined, but how about choosing distinctive bold hues, playful patterns and designs of tiles and putting them all together into one space? Creating a super-colorful and funky tile-mix in your bathroom will create a striking, vivacious appearance of the space, and will surely make a statement for anyone who enters inside it. You can unleash your creativity and decorate the whole bathroom with different tiles, or you can choose a focal point to attach a mosaic of tiles and make the rest of the bathroom in one shade. Different patchwork, hues, sizes and styles of tiles, the choice is endless, either way you will achieve fresh and striking look of your bathroom. We have found very interesting and creative multi-color tiled bathroom designs, so feel free to check them out and to get inspired in transforming your own bathroom into a funky, dynamic and unique spot. Read on and enjoy!

Vivid Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Archihomez

Just notice how playful and positive the ambiance in this bathroom is! The basic white tiles are contributing to the bright look, while the awesome bold mix of colors on the floor create a super-dynamic appeal, and finally, the brilliant mix of awesomely designed tiles in the shower give the final touch to this uber-cool and creative bathroom.

Playful Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Greenmuze

These absolutely amazing and lively patchwork tiles are perfectly balanced with the soft white wall and the warm natural wooden and bamboo bathroom storage elements. Although the patchwork design is really vibrant, the colors scheme is extremely calm, so the end result is a super-dynamic and stylish appearance of the bathroom.

Gorgeous Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Lushome

If you like to have a striking moment into your bathroom design without overwhelming the whole space with patterns and designs, just choose a spot and decorate with patchwork tiles. Look how does this green patchwork tiles above the sink fit into this classic white toilet. Makes quite a statement and gives the bold bathroom an incredible appeal.

Bohemian Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Bohemian Sense

This adorable bohemian bathroom is looks super-cool and so unique. Decorated with some shabby chic accessories and vintage elements, it is complemented with amazing multi-color patchwork tiled floor and a lot of greenery. The eclectic ambiance radiates with such a relaxing and effortlessly wonderful energy.

Vivacious Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Digs Digs

Wow! The amazing choice of Moroccan style tiles creates a super-dynamic and energetic look of this bathroom, which is striking and utterly impressive. This is the ultimate play of exotic colors, patterns and decorations put into one small space, for an absolute dramatic and splendid appearance of a bathroom design.

Stylish Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Green Muze

The bold and sleek black and white color scheme in this bathroom is dramatically contrasted with those super-striking neon floor tiles which give the space a completely new, fresh and superb look.

Awesome Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Job Cogs

A simple white bathroom can look a lot more different if you just choose an accent wall and embellish it with various colors. Check how this lovely color scheme tiled wall is making quite a statement and is doing wonders in bringing some energy and dynamic in the space.

Eclectic Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source:Vnuks

This eclectic bathroom is decorated with some Moroccan style tiles in blue and khaki beige color scheme, which perfectly fits the wooden floor and the white and navy blue bathroom carpet. The amazing choice of calm colors beautifully complement the distinct choice of bathroom elements, and together they create a stylish and superb ambiance in this bathroom.

Charming Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Remontbp

The ambiance in this bathroom is so adorable and charming, that we can’t help but fall in love with it. The dashingly beautiful patchwork tiles design in the shower and on the bathroom vanity is complementing the soft beige and white environment. On top of it, there are those silver bathroom utilities, that give extra points to the awe-effect in this splendid bathroom.

Bright Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Dizain Mania

This lovely and bright bathroom is complemented with various of pastel colored tiles and neon accessories. This way, a fresh and airy ambiance is provided and the bathroom has an ultimate playful and crisp look.

Vivid Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Hp Mirror

Such a striking and energetic appearance of a bathroom, right? This impactful color combo of the tiles in the shower makes such a statement and creates a playful energetic vibe into the space. The door in a neon yellow color just rounds the cool statement that this bathroom leaves.

Beautiful Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Giesen Design

Such a stylish and exceptional appearance of this colorful bathroom design, isn’t it? The various blue and brown shades that make an extremely interesting patterned floor, are a perfect match with the same colored design of the bathroom walls and appliances. An unmistakable mix of colors for an absolute striking and gorgeous bathroom look.

Superb Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Archi Homez

The lovely mix of energetic colors placed in horizontal line provide this bathroom with an interesting and charming appeal, and also make the space look visually larger. The bathroom looks pleasant, lovely and effortlessly beautiful.

Creative Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Living

Get creative into adding a pop of color into your bathroom and think of new, distinctive ways of doing it. For example, look how awesome does this spot look, embellished with small colorful tiles around the mirror and on the bathroom vanity back splash. We love how the hanging lights are decorated with the same colors and how adorable does that fit into the whole perky and playful ambiance.

Lovely Bathroom Design with Multi-Color Tiles

Image Source: Digs Digs

So simple, yet so striking, isn’t it? This white bathroom design is complemented with some interesting colorful tile combo, and it makes the spot look fresh, vibrant and full of energy.