15 Charming French Country Bathroom Ideas

15 Charming French Country Bathroom Ideas

The key to decorating a French Country bathroom is finding a way to combine boldness with a serenity, because that is what this style represent in general: Subtle Boldness and Serene Elegance. French Country Bathroom is a perfect fit for your home if you are into the sophisticated way of life and you are inspired by natural subtle charm. The French Country Bathroom is reflecting clean and breezy ambiance due to the creamy color scheme and sleek elements. In order to create a French Country Bathroom you should basically follow your inner insticts and create a minimalist bathroom with clean appearance and elements of bold and charming nature. In order to inspire you and to help you bring a French charm in your bathroom, we’ve selected the crème de la crème 15 French Country Bathrooms that could give you an idea of creating your own French Divine in the bathroom. Enjoy!

Attic French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Alvede

The spacious space and creative layout of this bathroom, positioned in the attic is an ideal for creating a French Country theme, because of the plenitude of space and natural sunlight that comes from the wide windows and generate an opulent, bright energy in this bathroom. The decorative scheme in this bathroom is utterly light and minimal including white storage cabinets and wooden roof beams that add a dreamy feel to this bathroom.

Beautiful French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Boho Gems

This bathroom has one plain decorative line that dominates in the place straight in proportion and creates super chic French serenity. The white plain walls in combination with the rustic wooden floor, contemporary bathtub and luxurious framed mirror are just enought elements to create a super modern and appealing French Country Bathroom.

Beige French Country Bathroom

Image Source: French Country Cottage

This French Country bathroom owns a little bit of heaviness due to the golden drapes that block the natural sunlight that should suppose to bright up the bathroom. Anyway the creamy color scheme and copper claw-foot tub endures the heaviness from the drapes and add a balanced ambiance in the place.

Blue French Country Bathroom

Image Source: House to Home

The pale blue colors on the wall acts calming and relaxing in this beautiful French Country Bathroom and adapts with the rustic nature of the crowfoot bathtub and white iron chair with white cushion. The floral drape work for providing a more sustainable and refined feel of the place and the vintage artwork on the wall give the French signature of this amazing place.

Distinctive French Country Bathroom

Image Source: One Kind Design

This bathroom is just amazing and astonishing with super refined decorative palette and mature and serious colors. The wooden panel sets up a classical ambiance in the place and the corner black bathtub with round shower curtain accents the elegant french charm in the place. The white elegant armchair works as a great element for subliming the French beauty of this amazing bathroom.

Elegant French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Diy Network

The baroque golden mirror stands out in this amazing bathroom and works as a focal point. It is really cool and smart move to place the bathtub right next to the mirror, it gives a unique visual aesthetic to the place. The color and decorative palette of this French Country bathroom are clean, sleek and serene.

Formal French Country Bathroom

Image Source:From my front porch

This spacious and big bathroom is typical French Country bathroom and reflect charming and pleasant ambiance. The layout of the bathroom is distinctive and add a interesting visual effect and the pale blue color on the walls provide the place with calming and refreshing ambiance. The round skylight above the window act as a striking complement and bring additional sunlight.

French Country Elegance

Image Source: House and home

This French Country bathroom is extremely chic and beautiful. The bold texture ceramic floor tiles set up a sleek and clean appearance of this bathroom and go perfectly with the modern and beautiful claw-foot bathtub. Glass cabinet and artworks on the wall add more chic and modern note to this amazing bathroom.

Lovely French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Desire to Inspire

This is a really beautiful and modern bathroom with distinctive and charming color palette. The blue palm tree wallpaper in combination with the white bathroom furniture creates a relaxing and charming ambiance in the place.

Minimalist French Bathroom

Image Source: Cast Iron Bath

This is a great example of how can you create an amazing French Country bathroom with a minimum of element and decorative accesories. The claw-foot tub positioned on the center of the room in front of a tall floor to ceiling window creates amazing and beautiful ambiance in this serene and modern French Country bathroom.

Natural French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Color Calling

The floor to ceiling glass doors are bold and daring element to put in a bathroom, regarding to the lack of intimacy, but anyhow it works for creating a dazzling ambiance in the bathroom. The modern roll top bathtub with a superb design is the single element in this outstanding French Country bathroom.

Serene French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Little Greene

This French Country Bathroom is simply outstanding and breathtaking. The monochrome nature of the bathroom does not reflect a dull and boring ambiance as usually, but it creates a subtle and serene beautiful atmosphere. The matching claw foot tub with the walls is really creating a beautiful balance and amazing ambiance in the place.

Small French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Country Living

This small French Country bathroom looks beautiful and amazing. The rustic nature of the place is creating a warm and vintage feel to the place. The corner bathtub in combination with the exposed brick walls create a beautiful ambiance in the place.

Spacious French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Hgtv

This French Country Bathroom looks elegant, beautiful and serene. The luxurious element and white- gold vanity stand out in the bathroom and create splendid feel of the place.

White French Country Bathroom

Image Source: Bhg

This French Country Bathroom with dominance of the white color and mosaic floor tiles look super refined, fresh and beautiful.