15 Charming Purple Bathroom Ideas

15 Charming Purple Bathroom Ideas

Choosing a specific color scheme for the bathroom is concerned by various objective and subjective factors, considering the style, the energy and the ambiance that you are striving to attain in the interior. Nevertheless, if you are feeling that you are not ready to pick specific style and you would love the color itself to determine the style and ambiance, we have an appropriate color suggestion for you- purple. The purple color is great for the bathroom, since this shade holds a specific flexibility in terms of the style and the energy, meaning that this color can be anything that you want it to be. The purple color is perfect and suitable for any kind of bathroom style, and in terms of energy flow is flexible and radiates vibrant and dominant ambiance. In order to show you how purple react in the bathroom interior, we’ve gathered a showcase of 15 Charming Purple Bathroom Ideas, that could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Amazing Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Drake Design Associates

Here you can witness a perfectly arranged purple heaven. The pastel and soft purple shade applied in the spacious bathroom with extremely stylish and modern setting, radiates perky and vibrant ambiance. The decorative palette in the bathroom totally matches the color scheme and provide this bathroom with an adorable overall appearance.

Beautiful Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Hgtv

The distinctive purple shade has created a lovely and beautiful ambiance in this at first glance formal bathroom. The distinctive shade of purple adapts in the simple and yet beautiful setting in the bathroom interior, and adds a lively and ecstatic ambiance in this beautiful bathroom.

Bright Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Bob Villa

We love three things about this beautiful bathroom, as first we love the natural sunlight that comes from the wide big windows and how the sun-rays astonishingly light up the soft purple wall. The second thing that we love is the white bathroom tiles and the contrast effect that they add to the purple wall, and the last but not least is the clawfoot tub and how it stands out in this magnificent bathroom.

Classy Deep Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Ravings Byrae

We mentioned before that every shade of purple can be everything you want it to be, and here you can see how the deep and diminish purple react in a totally classy and luxurious setting. The deep purple shade adds elegant and dynamic ambiance in the bathroom and totally adapts in the whole splendid and classy concept of this bathroom.

Contemporary Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Design Shuffle

You can surely notice the minimalist setting in this bathroom since the vibrant and lively purple shade of the wall is adding enough dynamic and perky ambiance as it were decorated in some specific style. The natural oak wood is soothing the vibrant and excessive dynamic energy that comes from the purple shade and provides this bathroom with perfect balance.

Country Purple Bathroom

Image Source: A decent Living

The light, almost white purple shade applied on a wooden panel in a bathroom settled in the attic acts as the main charmer in this adorable interior. The light purple shade creates a subtle classy setting and adds charm and coziness to the overall luxurious and classy appearance of the bathroom.

Cute Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Home Dzine

How cute and fancy is this purple divine right? The bathroom interior is decorated with utterly stylish and trendy manner, prevailing with a lot of soft and tender texture such as the elegant shower curtain, shag area rug and colorful bathroom tiles acting as a striking complement to the plain purple wall.

Dark Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Gift Princess

The fun part about this purple bathroom is that the designer has used a only two shades and applied them in a perfect order by adding a mosaic dark purple bathroom tiles and oval light purple shade bathtub which has resulted with a superior and ultra modern overall appearance.

Eclectic Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Home Ecolation

We love the nonchalant and cool vibe that prevails in this super chic purple bathroom. The purple floor surely is the focal point and main charmer in this bathroom. The combination of purple and pink with the white contemporary bathtub creates utterly cool and eclectic appearance in this cool bathroom.

Fabulous Purple Bathroom

Image Source: ArchiExpo

The light purple in combination with the glossy surface of the bathroom tiles has provided this bathroom with a really opulent and transcendent nature. The overall appearance of this bathroom is ecstatic, modern and vibrant due to the smart combination of two shades of purple and minimalist setting of the interior.

Glamorous Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Benjamin Moore

We love the serenity that this soft purple shade is providing to the this cute and adorable bathroom. The romantic and adorable shade of purple is surely the main charmer in this place and adds a really lively and upbeat ambiance in the place.

Light Purple Bathroom

Image Source: She Knows

The two contrasting shades of purple are creating a specific ombre effect in the place and adding a great visual in this modern and yet simple bathroom. The bathroom utterly provides warm and cozy ambiance due to the elegant and lively purple shade.

Modern Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Homesdir

The dark purple shade in combination with the mosaic structure of the bathroom tiles creates a really interesting and dramatic ambiance in this super cool purple bathroom.

Pastel Purple Bathroom

Image Source: House To Home

The light purple wall are soothing down the heavy ambiance that comes from the dark wooden vanity and are providing this bathroom with balanced and beautiful appearance.

Serene Purple Bathroom

Image Source: Elle Decor

You can notice how the matted purple wall are adding a really powerful and dynamic nature to this super modern and stylish bathroom. The bathroom interior is reflecting really pure and ecstatic ambiance thanks to the smartly chosen purple shade and subtle decorative palette.