15 Clawfoot Bathtub Ideas for Modern Chic Bathroom

15 Clawfoot Bathtub Ideas for Modern Chic Bathroom

Most often the focal point of every modern and awe inspiring bathroom is a bathtub with a captivating design. Clawfoot bathtub is a great element for providing the bathroom with distinctive and unique appearance. The clawfoot bathtub with its delicate and unique design that differences a lot from classical bathtub will surely set a great statement and provide the bathroom with lovely and charming appearance. The clawfoot bathtub has a bit of a vintage and antique nature and is perfect for adding a sensual and chic character to your bathroom. Moreover clawfoot bathtub will stand out in your bathroom and certainly will enhance and improve its aesthetics by providing a charming and dramatic feel to the place. If you feel like your bathroom needs a new dazzling element and a statement element, that you should set your mind on clawfoot bathtubs. Below you can check a showcase of 15 modern clawfoot bathtubs.

Airy bathroom with white, silver clawfoot bath tub

Image Source: Pinterest

The exceptionally elegant design of this white slippery clawfoot tub works as a statement furniture in this bathroom and certainly will work in any styled bathroom. The glossy appearance of the white ceramic in combination with the accented silvery foot made this clawfoot bathtub a perfect element for creating a chic and modern bathroom.

Black bathroom with dark cherry red clawfoot tub

Image Source: Home Talk

The sensual dark red color of this rolled clawfoot bathtub with a modern silver feet can surely stand out in the bathroom and provide the place with a chic and contemporary accent. The white inside of the bathtub acts as a striking complement to the appearance of the bath tub.

Blue claw foot tub

Image Source: Vintage Tub

The sea salt blue color of this chic clawfoot tub with contemporary metal feet and plain white inside can work as a focal point in the bathroom and surely can provide a vibrant and lively ambiance in the place.

Bronze Clawfoot Bathtub

Image Source: Krusto

The distinctive design of this dark cooper clawfoot bathtub will certainly make a statement in any style of bathroom. The clawfoot tub with a unique charm and elegant design will surely stand out in the bathroom and provide the place with bold and dramatic setting.

Country Bathroom with Red Clawfoot Bathtub

Image Source: Vintage Tub

This painted red clawfoot bathtub has an astonishing and vibrant design which will affect the bathroom in providing it with a chic and modern appearance.

Country Chic Bathroom with Clawfoot bathtub

Image Source: One Kind Design

The contrasting effect of the black valued feet with the sleek white ceramic makes this clawfoot bathtub a perfect and contemporary element for every modern bathroom.

Elegant Bathroom with Modern Clawfoot Bahttub

Image Source: Fun Poper

The simple design of this white clawfoot bathtub with silver feet will be easy to fit in every bathroom style. The flexible and sleek design of this amazing clawfoot tub will additionally provide the bathroom with sleek and modern appearance.

Elegant Clawfoot Bathtub

Image Source: Chloeting

The ombre effect of this white creamy clawfoot tub with beautiful and glossy appearance will surely provide every bathroom with charming and elegant feel.

Painted Clawfoot Tub

Image Source: Life Unstyled

The bright green color provides this clawfoot bathtub with vibrant and aesthetic appearance contrasting its serious and modern design.

Shabby Chic Bathroom with Black Clawfoot bathtub

Image Source: Fimanik

The black color of this clawfoot bathtub in combination with the simple and yet modern design sets up a bold and dramatic setting in the bathroom. The white roll top acts as a striking contrast and creates a modern and contemporary appearance of this clawfoot tub.

Unique Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub

Image Source: Home Depot

This is a really one in a kind clawfoot bathtub. The slipery design in combination with the distinctive layout of the tub and the valued iron feet provide this tub with beautiful and antique charm. This is a really unique and bold bathtub that may provide your bathroom with a great statement.

Victorian Copper Slipper Clawfoot Tub

Image Source: Pop Screen

desisgn in combination with the cooper of the beautiful clawfoot bathtub can work as a statement element in the bathroom and provide the place with super elegant and distinctive charm.

Vintage Bathroom with Antique Clawfoot Bathtub

Image Source: The Murmuring Cottage

This black clawfoot bathtub has a really outstanding and exceptionally charming appearance. The combination of gold and black along with the slippery design and white roll top make this clawfoot chic, elegant and amazing.

Vintage Clawfoot Bathtub

Image Source: Vintage Tub

The rustic appearance of this white clawfoot tub with black feet can provide the bathroom with modern and chic feel. The simple design in combination with the white ceramic can act really calming and relaxing in the bathroom.

White and Gold Clawfoot bathtub

Image Source: Decoration4

This clawfoot bathtub has a perfect and elegant design. The combination of white and gold with an elegant roll top provide this tub with chic and splendid note.