15 Contemporary Bathrooms with Glass Showers

15 Contemporary Bathrooms with Glass Showers

Creating a shower area is a functional and aesthetically beneficial addition to the bathroom that require stylish and sleek design and a perfect element for creating a modern and contemporary bathroom. Glass Shower is certainly an advanced and aestetichaly modern addition to the bathroom, and can surely work for creating a sleek and contemporary ambiance in the place. If you have set your mind on creating a bold and dramatic bathroom with sleek and contemporary appearance, then you should think about glass shower as an option. The glass enclosure for the shower will surely set a bold and modern layout in the bathroom. We are going to present you a showcase of 15 glass shower enclosures which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Amazing Bathroom with Big Glass Shower

Image Source:Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

The designer of this bathroom certainly made a bold move when decided to place this outstanding glass shower area in the center of the bathroom. This glass shower has an outstanding sleek and contemporary appearance and breaks through the wooden and natural layout of this bathroom.

Big Modern Shower Glass

Image Source: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

The built in shower with a glass enclosure looks just outstanding. The small space of the bathroom indulges the sleekness and contemporary outlook that the big and spacious glass shower provides to this bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom with Modern Glass Shower

Image Source: Teuco

This glass shower adapts in the setting of the bathroom perfectly. The modern appearance of this bathroom is due to the sleek and bold presence of the small and yet amazing glass shower enclosure. Just outstanding!

Dark Rustic Bathroom with Sleek Glass Shower

Image Source: Karma Trendz

This shower area and this bathroom would look much different and not exciting like this if there wasn’t for the glass enclosures. The glass shower area adds a super contemporary and bold feel in this dark and rustic bathroom. The glass shower balance the dark color of the gray bathroom tiles.

Fresh Blue Bathroom with Spacious Glass Shower Area

Image Source: Hpa

The glass shower area comes as a cherry on top in this amazing vibrant bathroom. The freshness from the vibrant blue bathroom tiles and the warm note from the oak wood vanities is sublimed with the glass shower doors in the corner of the bathroom.

Gorgeous Bathroom with Large Glass Shower

Image Source: Teuco

The classy and shabby chic layout of this bathroom was perfectly balanced with the sleek and contemporary glass shower enclosures which provides the place with an outstanding and modern visual effect.

Light Bathroom with Beautiful Glass Shower

Image Source: Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

The glass shower doors in this warm and cozy bathroom has set a striking complement and are adapted perfectly in the warm and yet modern and opulent ambiance in the bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom with Glass Shower

Image Source: Guardian ShowerGuard

You can just sit and stare at this bathroom because is just so relaxing and breathtaking. The minimalist setting in the bathroom goes with the superb sleekness of the glass shower enclosures. This bathroom has find the point of perfection.

Modern Bathroom with Small Glass Shower

Image Source: Disenia

The small size of the shower does not affect its appearance because the glass shower enclosure adds to its appeal and provide the bathroom with sleek and bold feel.

Narrow Bathroom with Glass Shower

Image Source: 2fORM Architecture

The position of the glass shower area settled in the corner of the bathroom facing the rest of the bathroom makes this shower area just fabulous.

Natural Bathroom with Glass Shower

Image Source: Metric Interior Design Inc.

The glass shower area in this natural and warm bathroom acts as a striking complement and adds a contemporary and modern note in the natural and wooden bathroom.

Purple Bathroom with Modern Glass Shower

Image Source: Teuco

The shower area with glass doors adapts perfectly in the modern minimalist and sleek appearance of this purple bathroom. What a delight.

Vibrant Bathroom with Big Glass Shower

Image Source: Fresh Palace

The narrow and long shower area adds a modern and modern note to the bathroom and the glass shower enclosure provides it with outstanding and extremely modern appeal.

White Bathroom with Blury Glass Shower

Image Source: Bill Fry Construction

The blurry texture of the glass shower doors both provide the privacy and still acts as a real charmer in this light and awesome bathroom.

Wooden Bathroom with Glass Shower Glass

Image Source: Acen

The wooden details on the glass shower doors adds a cozy and natural feel in the bathroom and provide this cottage inspired bathroom with cozy and sleek appearance.