15 Cool Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

15 Cool Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

Really important thing that you should always keep in mind while decorating an interior, is always stick to your style or add a specific part of that style, no matter how inappropriate you think it would be, for instance if you are into the Industrial style, apply this style in every interior even in the bathroom. Industrial bathroom is a bold and dramatic choice, since people tend to stick to the conventional and random appearance of the bathroom due to its practical use. However, in spite of all misconceptions, industrial style is perfect for the bathroom and it reacts magnificently in the bathroom interior. Industrial Bathroom is a perfect choice for you if you enjoy in bold and dramatic interiors, decorated with distinctive and raw elements. We’ve gathered a special selection of industrial bathroom designs that we think are outstanding and can serve as a source of inspiration. So dig in the list below and enjoy!

Bold Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Reno Talk

The bare concrete walls look utterly astounding in the bathroom interior, creating a gloomy and dark ambiance that is ingeniously broken through with the white sleek bathroom vanities. The ultra cool red ceiling pendant with painted white light bulb brings the modern aspect of this architecturally advanced bathroom interior.

Brick Walls Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: It Appeals To Me

The exposed brick wall here work as a subtle and beautiful foundation for the bold industrial setting, it provide the interior with natural and warm perk, while the sleek steel stand alone bath tub totally stands out and works as a great focal point in the tall and architecturally bold bathroom.

Bright Industrial Bathroom Design

Image Source: House to Home

We love how charming and light is this bathroom with a dose of simplicity broken through with vintage industrial pendant that strikes with bold statement and along with the quirky artwork on the wall create the artsy and distinctive ambiance in the beautiful industrial bathroom.

Chic Industrial Bathroom

Image Source:Country Living

We absolutely love the chic charm of this cool industrial bathroom. The white claw foot tub sets a nice center of the interior, facing the exceptionally bold gallery wall which has created the dramatic and dashingly chic appearance of the interior. And the vintage decorative mannequin with a top hat? Exquisite!

Classy Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Decoholic

This bathroom holds a rustic and industrial aspects merged together and applied in a perfect harmony providing the bathroom with vibrant and cool ambiance. The accent industrial ceiling lights are surely the main charmers and create a super dramatic and interesting appearance of this bathroom.

Cool Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Planet Treasures

Well a bathroom that has an open umbrella as a center decorative element is an exquisite bathroom. We humbly bow to the creativity and boldness of the designer. Except the umbrella we also love the vintage round decorative mirror which takes a great place in this adorable and bold industrial bathroom.

Creative Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Benjamin Bullins

The french charm in combination with the super bold bicycle instead of a bathroom vanity has made this bathroom completely outstanding and unique in any possible way.

Dark Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: New Home Rule

This gloomy bathroom with industrial appearance holds a specific sensuality and mystique due to the smart arrangement and rustic elements.

Dramatic Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Question Ambiance

Wow! The sleekness and boldness of this industrial bathroom, right? We love the overall layout and architectural concept of the bathroom, but what we really love is the super unique and distinctive bathtub with super creative design placed on a wooden beam. The tall framed window simultaneously is the dark and light part of the interior, it provide the place with natural sunlight and the black frames add bold and dynamic note.

Gloomy Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Clippings

The dark and sort of gloomy appearance of this bathroom interior is broken through with the wooden bathtub that brings fruity caramel note in the dark industrial interior. We love the overall appearance of this bathroom and how its raw constructional elements has contributed in the sleek and bold outlook.

Lively Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Interior Colective

The yellow drawers play really smart role in breaking through the serious ambiance and providing the industrial and cool bathroom with sort of a perky and ecstatic ambiance.

Modern Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Jokero

Exceptionally Beautiful! We love every little detail in this architecturally advanced bathroom interior: the rustic wooden floor, the glass shower placed in the center of the bathroom, the skylight on the bare concrete wall, every element in this bold bathroom is extremely smart and cool.

Natural Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Freshplace

Well, what else we can add than this is an extremely outstanding bathroom. Just look at the shower faucet, over sized and bold and extremely modern. The layout of the bathroom is also super creative and interesting.

Rustic Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: Kmiliar

Notice how the light subtly comes inside this natural and intriguing bathroom through the industrial framed window place on the upper part of the wall. Just Ingenious! The interior reflect sheer simplicity and natural rustic ambiance due to the minimalist setting and usage of a natural wood materials along with raw copper bathtub.

Unique Industrial Bathroom

Image Source :Buckey State Blog

We absolutely love this bathroom interior, is so simple and yet so powerful and cool, right? The accent of course goes to the graffiti yellow door that is clearly the focal point and the main charmer in this gray and outstandingly industrial bathroom interior.