15 Exotic Asian Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas

15 Exotic Asian Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas

The Eastern philosophy and culture has been mystified and analyzed for years in the Western civilization, because of its intrigue and profound structure. We all find the Asian way of decorating very exotic and a bit of daring with a specific philosophy. Integrating the Asian way in your bathroom will be a really daring and amazing move to create a refreshing and beautiful ambiance in the bathroom. The Asian philosophy along with the Feng Schui and Zen theory can play a major role in creating a bold and relaxing ambiance in your bathroom. We come to idea to bring a little orient in your bathroom and refresh you with a showcase of 15 Asian Inspired Bathroom design which you may find inspirative.

Asian Temple Bathroom

Image Source: ArtCompose

A bathroom with a Buddhist statue obviously is an Asian inspired place. This bathroom most likely reminds of some Asian holy temple with the stature and the dark tones and natural materials, this is a really distinctive and exotic bathroom with profound and exotic taste.

Bold Asian Bathroom

Image Source: Danenberg Design

The steel ceiling provides the bathroom with exotic and high end appearance and the round stone bath adds to the Asian experience and provides the place with a beautiful oriental note.

Deep Tones and Metalic Bathroom

Image Source: Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

The variety of textures and tones in this bathroom is creating a really distinctive and unique Asian ambiance,

Dramatic Lush Bathroom

Imge Source:Vladimir Svetlov

A lush plants of the ceiling is not something you see in every bathroom, but for sure is signature for the Asian inspired bathroom. The dominance of plants in this bathroom provides the place with natural and exotic ambiance.

Japanese Hot Bath Inspired Bathroom

Image Source:Right Arm Construction

What do you say about personal steam bath? Not too shabby, right? This beautiful and exquisite bathroom with wooden panels will provide the room with natural and exotic Asian ambiance.

Lush Asian Bathroom

Image Source:Gray AIA

The plants inside of the bathroom are providing the place with natural and lush ambiance.

Natural Asian Inspired Bathroom

Image Source:CustomMade.com

This is a spacious bathroom with a really beautiful natural appearance, reminding to an Asia inspired spa center.

Natural Light Bathroom with Asian Feel

Image Source: Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

The variety of visual effects in this bathroom are creating a daring and bold first impression for the same.

Relaxing Asian Retreat Bathroom

Image Source: DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids

An ample of various materials and texture is providing the place with dazzling and exotic appearance.

Spa Inspired Asian Bathroom

Image Source: Schotland Architecture & Construction

The dark wooden bathroom cabinets in combination with the marble glass brings a really high end Asia inspired ambiance in this place.

Spacious Asian Bathroom

Image Source:Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc.

The spacious space in this bathroom is used very smart, the corner shower and bath next to a window is a really genius move for creating an Asian inspired ambiance in the bathroom.

Unique Asian Bathroom

Image Source: Ashley Hall Interiors

The mosaic tiles in combination with the muted glass provide this place with distinctive and exotic mood.

Wooden Oasis bathroom

Image Source:Harrell Remodeling

For warm and natural appearance of the bathroom the design has used an ample of wooden materials decorated with subtle and lush plants.

Zen Inspired Bathroom

Image Source: James Patrick Walters

The variety of textures and colors in this Asian inspired bathroom have created a great visual effect of the place.

Bamboo Light Bathroom

Image Source: Frahm Interiors – Burlington ON

This is a really amazing and light hearted Asian inspired bathroom with airy and natural appearance.

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