15 Light and Airy Bathroom Design Ideas

15 Light and Airy Bathroom Design Ideas

In the previous articles we’ve showcased a various room of the house with neutral and airy, sleek appearance that reflect clean and calming ambiance, and yet the bathroom is the place that requires that kind of decorating the most. The bathroom is the place where you should feel relaxed and calm, so the airy and light ambiance is the most advisable style that you should set your mind on. To attain a light and natural appearance of your bathroom you should follow the basic rules of this style. That of course includes using a clean white tone and warm wooden materials. The light and cozy ambiance in the bathroom is beneficial in terms of clean filtrated energy. Create a bathroom with light and natural appearance by following the below examples.

Calm bathroom with muted tones

Image Source: Zunetop

The grayish wall in combination with the creamy tone tiles is creating a balanced and tranquil ambiance in this bathroom. The wooden bathroom table is providing the earthy and warm vibe of the place.

Light and fresh bathroom

Image Source: House to Home

The white wooden paneled bathtub positioned to face the window has provided this bathroom with a great arrangement plan. The serene white ambiance in combination with the dark wooden details creates a balance and airy appearance in this light hearted bathroom.

Light Bathroom with a vintage feel

Image Source: Robert Sanderson

The white wooden panels are providing this light bathroom with rustic and vintage feel. The dominance of the white color is creating a clean and sleek ambiance in this airy bathroom.

Light Natural Bathroom

Image Source: Robert Sanderson

The bathtub positioned right next to the window is a genius move in terms of natural sunlight and providing the place with clean and fresh energy. The light wooden bathroom cabinet adds the earthy and warm note to the place.

Natural Creamy Bathroom in the Attic

Image Source: Brent Darby

The exposed roof beams are giving a warm and natural feel to this creamy and light bathroom. The floor to ceiling mosaic tiles with earthy beige tones are creating a modern and yet airy touch of the place.

Neutral bathroom with modern roll-top bath

Image Source: Robert Sanderson

The oak framed bathroom creates the natural and airy ambiance of this beautiful white bathroom. The roll-top bathtub situated next to the windows is creating a natural and airy outlook of the bathroom.

Neutral Creamy Bathroom

Image Source: Colin Pole

The big beige tiles are creating a sleek and clean appearance of this bathroom and the light wooden cabinets adds a warm note in the place. The dark roof beam makes a statement and provides this bathroom with natural and airy appearance.

Neutral White Bathroom with wooden details

Image Source: Coolin Pole

This is a really charming light bathroom. The dominance of white sleekness in combination with the warm wooden details creates the complete picture of this light and airy bathroom.

Oak and White Bathroom

Image Source: Colin Pole

The oak details have a major role in providing this sleek white bathroom with natural and earthy scent. The bathroom is set in the attic which adds to the cottage like, airy ambiance.

Serene White Bathroom

Image Source: Coolin Pole

The matching walnut floor and bathtub panel are making a huge statement in this serene and light bathroom and are providing the same with natural and tranquil ambiance.

Sleek White Bathroom

Image Source: Country Homes

This bathroom setled in the attic is decorated in a way to reflect clean and calm energy. The arch window is making a statement and is providing this bathroom with natural light and beautiful touch.

Walnut and white bathroom

Image Source: Mark Lusombe- Whyte

The balanced energy that reign in this bathroom is just incredible. The sleekness of the white dominance in combination with the walnut cabinet is providing this place with soft and airy appereance.

White Airy Bathroom

Image Source: Livingetc

The white wooden panels are giving a rustic and natural feel to this sleek white bathroom. The monochrome floral wallpaper is providing the place with a country touch.

White Bathroom with wooden floor

This simple and yet natural and beautiful bathroom is decorated in a French way. The hardwood in combination with the statement mirror and the white walls creates natural and airy appearance of this French inspired bathroom.

Oak beamed bathroom

Image Source: House to Home

The oak frames in combination with the clean white color of the walls is creating a charming and natural ambiance in this airy and light bathroom.