15 Magnificient Attic Bathroom Designs

15 Magnificient Attic Bathroom Designs

Attic is an unusual place for creating a functional room such as the bathroom, but also is a really cool and distinctive place due to the creative and interesting shape and nature. In case you are lack of room and you have space in your attic, why don’t transform that empty, unused space into beautiful and modern Attic bathroom. Attic bathroom has a really distinctive and unusual nature, and that’s exactly it what makes it beautiful and interesting. Attic Bathroom reflects a cozy, distinctive and cottage inspired ambiance due to the rustic and natural structure of the attic. Attic bathroom can be a great idea for you if you have extra space in the attic and you want extra bathroom. We have gathered a showcase of beautifully furnished attic bathroom which you can check below. Enjoy!

Airy Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Velux

This attic bathroom reflects utterly airy and serene energy due to the skylights positioned at the center of the ceiling wall. The sleek appearance and minimalist setting has provided this bathroom with neat and soft feel which looks extremely tender and beautiful.

Beautiful Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Homedit

The designer of this attic bathrom has obviously decided to see what happens when rustic meets contemporary, under rustic we mean the rustic exposed wooden beams and under contemporary we mean the round sleek bathtub. The mix match of this two styles has provided this bathroom with a distinctive and beautiful note, additionaly the skylight brings natural sunlight with increases the beauty and the soft appearance of this bathroom.

Charming Green Attic Bathroom

Image Source: My home ideas

This bathroom positioned in the corner of the attic has an insanely charming and beautiful appearance. The oversized window placed on the ceiling wall brings large amount of natural sunlight and opens up this beautiful pastel green bathroom. The clawfoot bathtub stands out and brings a vintage and classy note in the simple and yet serene bathroom.

Contemporary Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Elle Decor

The architecture of this super modern attic bathroom is extremely symmetrical and contemporary. The mix of balck and white works great for contrast effect and for creating a sleek and modern ambiance in the bathroom, the usage of wooden panel has helped to balance the cold appearance and to add warm note inside.

Cool Attic Bathroom

Image Source: This Old House

The subway bathroom tiles create interesting and sleek setting in this traditional bathroom positioned in the attic. The glass shower enclosures sets up a contemporary and modern feel and improves the aeshtetics of this bathroom.

Cozy Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Country Living

This attic bathroom has trully charming and natural appereance with cozy and airy nature. The exposed, bold roof beams play a major role in providing this bathroom with rustic and warm feel and creating a charming layout of this place, and the light color scheme in combination with the modern clawfoot tub adds balanced and modern note in the place.

Exclusive Attic Bathroom with Roof Beams

Image Source: Elle Decor

This is a really breathtaking attic bathroom, a bathroom that you don’t see every day. The beauty of this bathroom lays in its simplicity and smart usage of the attic space. The painted black roof beams surely act as a striking complement of this bathroom and create the artistic and modern outlook.

Turkish Bath Attic Bathroom


Image Source: Beautiful Home Designs

A turkish bath inspired bathroom placed in the attic can be a great idea for everyone who are inspired by the exotic foreign culture and want to bring a piece of the world in their bathroom. The typical layout of a Turkish bath with usage of blue and yellow bathroom tiles add a refreshing and exotic feel in this inspiring bathroom.

Modern Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Freshome

The plain white walls in combination with the glass shower enclosure and light hardwood floor provide this simple and modern bathroom with interesting and pleasent appearance.

Natural Attic Bathroom with Wooden Tub

Image Source: Pelfind

This airy, natural bathroom has an amazing and warm appearance due to the dark wooden floor with a mathing wooden bath tub contrasting the plain white walls and creating a perfect balance and warm appearance in this serene bathroom.

Stylish Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Houzz

This gray and vibrant bathroom positioned in the attic has a really contemporary and modern appearance. The monochrome color scheme in combination with the glass shower enclosure and skylight which add natural sunlight this bathroom has attained a beautiful and charming outlook.

Traditional Attic Bathroom

Image Source: House To Home

How warm and serene this attic bathroom looks, right? The natural wood roof beams add a specific charm and cozy feel to the place mathcing the bright yellow mosaic bathroom tiles creates a bright and airy appearance of this beautiful bathroom.

Vintage Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Lucky Pony

This is a really cute and adorable attic bathroom with vintage nature. The rustic wooden beams add a rustic nature and the vintage clawfoot tub and blue retro floor tiles add a mafnificient and perky feel in this bathroom.

White Attic Bathroom

Image Source: Shelterness

The bathtub settled in the corner of this beautiful white attic bathroom surely works as a striking complement to the place. The variety of patterns and texture have provided this bathroom with a noisy and beautiful appearance.

Narrow Attic Bathroom

Image Source: This Old House

This narrow, small bathroom positioned in the attic has an adorable and cute appearance. The variety of patterns, contrasting the subway bathroom tiles and wooden roof beams has created a real contemporary and chic heaven.