15 Modern Bathrooms with Sink Vanities

15 Modern Bathrooms with Sink Vanities

Vanities play an important role inside the bathroom. Imagine going inside the bathroom of a restaurant and you don’t see any mirror or a sink. You think that it is incomplete, because it is! The sink and the mirror are essential for checking how you look like. From time to time, you need to see whether your tie needs to be adjusted or if your hair needs to be fixed. Every businessman and woman, every high school girl needs a vanity mirror. The best place to check yourself out is inside the bathroom, of course, before you face your guests and clients. Check out these modern vanity inspiration to give you ideas on what mirror and sink should you select for your own bathroom.

Colton 24 inch Modern Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

 Image source: Listvanities

This 24 inch Modern Single Sink Bathroom Vanity looks great in a tiled bathroom. It is as simple as placing a console table before your door. Remember that your choice for the wood color always matters.

Contemporary Free Standing Chic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

 Image source: Ranzom

One of the characteristics of a modern room is suspension. Here we can see this really neat vanity, a suspended sink, mirror and a vanity cabinet where you can place your supplies such as tissue, soaps, shampoos and towels.

Cool and Trendy White Wooden Two Door Sink

 Image source: Ranzom

The warmth of wood always looks awesome inside a bathroom. Don’t imagine your bathroom as a damp place. Try your best to keep most of the area try, most especially the vanity area. You can look your best when you feel your best while you’re at it.

Cute Single Washbasin Stainless Faucet And Two Windows Storage Panels

 Image source: Ranzom

Another great modern installation is this single washbasin stainless faucet with two windows storage panels. It is a great idea for neat freaks who want to make sure that every corner is clean, including the under areas of the sink. You can also put medicine and stocks inside the storage panels. A great way to organize your vanity area.

Espresso Glass Sink Design

 Image source: Nexpeditor

Put glass and black tiles together and you will never fail achieving such an elegant effect in your bathroom. In choosing glass installations, make sure to do regular cleaning to maintain the luster of glass.

Exotic Unique Bathroom Sink Designs

 Image source: Tacophile

There is a mix of tradition and modernity in this exotic bathroom sink from Tacophile. The handles are curvy and detailed while the mirror doesn’t have too much carving detail to it but simply matches the color of the storage areas.

Marvellous Wooden Customized Sink

 Image source: Ranzom

You wouldn’t want to make a lot of splatter with this bathroom sink from Ranzom. For those small moments when you simply need to wash the dirt off your hands, or even just the feeling of dirt,m then this kind of setup can be great inside or outside the bathroom.

Picturesque Sink Design Ideas For Modern Bathroom

 Image source: Gmindy

Store your stuff neatly inside this spacious storage bin just below the sink. This modern sink in wooden design gives full functionality and simplicity in style.

Surrey Single Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity Set

 Image source: Nnxinhua

Here is an awesome modern black and white vanity area which offers several spaces for storage so that you can maintain neatness and make your vanity area clutter-free.

White Single Sink in Gray Bathroom

 Image source: Locushire

In a bathroom with grey tiles, putting a carpet would be one of your options to make sure that the area is usually dry. If the space isn’t that wide, you can simply put a single sink with one storage tray like this one. It doesn’t look to bulky. It is simple and functional.

Cool Small Wooden Bathroom Vanity for Corner

 Image source: Ranzom

Here is a cool wooden bathroom vanity for the corner. We have known that corner furniture are designed for small spaces. If you have a bathroom that is not too spacious but you determine that you need a vanity area, then check out your corners and imagine what vanity furniture would fit into that corner.

Mahogany Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink

 Image source: Jcil

This Mahogany Vanity Bathroom Vessel Sink offers double sinks to accommodate two people in the washing area. This color is ideal for tiled and marbled flooring. If you have a common bathroom and have a big family, this kind of vanity is ideal for you.

Thomasville Corner Sink Bathroom Vanity

 Image source: Ep

Another corner vanity which has a classic design is this Thomasville Corner Sink Bathroom Vanity. The top is made of black granite with metal faucets and handle details, and the rest is painted in white.

Unique White Single Sink Vanity

 Image source: Tacophile

You can pretty much save a lot of space as well with this Unique White Single Sink Vanity from Tacophile. You can just put it against a wall or like a section in your bathroom. There are storage compartments where you can store towels and toiletries.